I got tired of always having to rely on being close to a power outlet for charging my mobile phone. I know there are many products doing this out there and probably better than mine, but I decided to build my own. And it is actually really simple now days when the current is limited inside the phone. The only thing needed is a battery pack and a voltage regulator. I chose to use a regulator that can both step up and down the voltage to get that little extra out of the batteries. I bought a battery charger together with 8 Ni-MH AA batteries (2700 mAh), these batteries can of course be used for other things as well. After some initial testing I estimate that I can get about two full charges out of this battery pack. The phone used for testing is a Nexus One with a 1400 mAh battery.

I plan on adding an alarm for when the voltage drops too low to not harm the batteries. I also want to add a on/off switch because the regulator consume some current in idle mode.

Should someone be interested in building their own and want more info, just let me know! :)
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