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Chris Christopoulos
Retired secondary teacher with 30 years teaching experience.
Retired secondary teacher with 30 years teaching experience.

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Earth vs. the Spider (1958)
A cheap, brisk, enjoyable cheesy fun film Directed by Bert I. Gordon Produced by Bert I. Gordon Written by László Görög, George Worthing Yates Music by Albert Glasser Cinematography: Jack A. Marta Edited by Walter E. Keller Distributed by American Internat...

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Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)
An undemanding low budget sci-fi / horror genre film that has just enough tension to keep fans interested. Directed by Edward L. Cahn Produced by Robert E. Kent, Edward Small Written by Jerome Bixby Music by Gerald Fried Cinematography: Kenneth Peach Edite...

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Sci-Fi On Film and the Year 1958
The year 1958 was part of a pivotal decade without which we would not have the kind of modern world in which we live today. In all facets of our lives including music; science and technology; mass communication; international and global politics and civil a...

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The Unearthly (1957)
A rather predictable, low-budget but strangely watchable film Directed by Boris Petroff Produced by Boris Petroff, Robert A. Terry Screenplay by John D.F. Black, Jane Mann Story by Jane Mann Music by Henry Vars Cinematography: W. Merie Connell Production co...

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The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)
A somewhat predictable and formulaic sci-fi film which has enough action to hold audience interest for much of the 83 minutes viewing time. Directed by Arnold Laven Produced by Arthur Gardner, Jules V. Levy Screenplay by Pat Fielder Story by David Duncan Mu...

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The Monolith Monsters (1957)
A low-budget well-paced sci-fi film with an interesting concept but doesn’t quite meet expectations Directed by John Sherwood Produced by Howard Christie Screenplay by Norman Jolley, Robert M. Fresco Story by Jack Arnold, Robert M. Fresco Music by Henry Man...

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The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957)
An interesting and well-paced film hampered by low-budget constraints Directed by László Kardos Produced by Sam Katzman Written by Bernard Gordon Music by Ross DiMaggio, George Duning Cinematography: Benjamin H. Kline Edited by Charles Nelson Distributed by...

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The Land Unknown (1957)
A rather simplistic sci-fi adventure film Directed by Virgil W. Vogel Produced by William Alland Written by Charles Palmer, William N. Robson, László Görög Music by Henry Mancini, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein Cineatography: Ellis W. Carter Edited by Fred M...

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The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
A thoughtful, philosophical, intelligent and sensitive Sci-Fi film Directed by Jack Arnold Produced by Albert Zugsmith Written by Richard Matheson Screenplay by Richard Matheson, Richard Alan Simmons Based on The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson Music by I...

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A Tribute To John Agar
(January 31, 1921 – April 7, 2002) “…. if I give anybody any enjoyment, I'm doing my job, and that's what counts." Early Life John Agar was born in Chicago, Illinois into a wealthy Chicago meat packing family as the oldest of 4 children on Jan 31, 1921. He ...
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