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Painter, Pyrographer, Jewellery Maker, All Round Creative Genius!
Painter, Pyrographer, Jewellery Maker, All Round Creative Genius!
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Tattered Dreams
On New Years Eve I drew a card from the Enchanted Oracle. The card I got was not what I was expecting! This is what "Tattered Dreams" has to say: "Something that you believed in and counted on has unraveled. A belief has ceased to be true for you anymore. A...

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Being a Thirty-something is Awesome
Oh hey there, it's been nearly a month since I last wrote here! Sorry about that, I've just been a bit busy! All month I have been thinking to myself... I should write something on my blog! But I don't know what.... I had my birthday! Yeah, that was fun! I ...

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Happy New Moon :)

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Halloween is coming.... it's the season of witchery, wonder, and weird!

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my face :)

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My Most Recent Artwork :)

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So, my parents found this big art folder in the attic...

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5 Reasons to Cut Down on Meat
If you share the typical British appetite, you will have worked your way
through more than 1.5kg of meat this week as part of your annual 80kg
quota of flesh-eating. Britain is one of the biggest meat consumers in the world, but at the top of the charts, ...

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Total Eclipse of a Supermoon
full moon in Aries! This is the largest supermoon of the year, meaning
it is the closest the moon will be to the earth this year. There will
also be a very rare supermoon eclipse. Wow what a night!!!! Total Lunar Eclipse of a SUPERMOON 27/28 Sept...

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Full Moon in Pisces
the moon will appear extra large in the sky as it is closer to Earth
than usual - "SUPERMOON" in the sign of Pisces, also known as "Venus and
Cupid" the sign of Creativity and Passion! It is generally considered a
feminine sign of physical manif...
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