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I lived here about a year ago and I loved it! I had a few problems with my AC but they resolve issues quickly unlike some places I've stayed. The neighborhood is quiet and the people are friendly. I Recommend these apartments.
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reviewed a year ago
Thank you for your resolution, I appreciate that you all did not hesitate to explain or fix the problem.
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Don't rent here!!!!!!! They will lie and say they fixed something and didn't!! I went in last week about my breaker going out. (in which I have been dealing with for over a month) The property manager said she had been contacting their corporate office to get an electrician out to my apartment to look at my breaker. But they hadn't response to her she even gave me corporates phone number to call and told me if I get a response to let her know! So the very next week I put in my notice to move out and the property manager called me back and said they fixed it and sent 2 electricians out!!!! (in a 5 day period and yet the breaker is still hissing) Then when I told the property manager she told me to call corporate, she told me she didn't say that.. But yet i know who Mary blaess is. They are a fraud!! DON'T RENT HERE. I WILL BE SHARING THIS ON MY FB PAGE. I HAVE 952 friends on there and I will be commenting and leaving post on EVERY SINGLE social media page! If anybody currently lives in these apartments please contact me. I said in a previous post I would be protesting outside for people not to rent here but I'm seriously taking action now. This is ridiculous!!!! Make sure you check apartment ratings review alot of people have had the same problem.
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Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago