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Dressing for a Formal Event Without Having to Buy a New Outfit
Have you ever experienced sheer
panic at the thought that you will have to buy a brand new outfit for a formal
event? If you have, welcome to the club. My yearly formal event
participation ranges between 1 to 0 really, so understandably, I don’t own many

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Going Nano
When I was young, my mother used
to have this huge Jimmy Choo hobo bag that I was fascinated by. It probably weighed 3kgs in
itself and took up more space than any bag ever should, but I remember it was
nothing short of fabulous. What is more, despite that ...

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Covering a Food Baby and the Various Uses of Layering
I’m not a massive fan of sweets
and desserts and yet today started with 3 Nutella, biscuit spread and
strawberry filled pancakes. I blame Pancake Day entirely and all I want is to
cover myself in layers of clothing to hide my – still there – food baby. Cont...

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How to Follow Dress Codes by Completely Ignoring Them
I like to think of myself as a person
that has the ability to understand multifaceted and complex information even
when coming from a variety of sources. Moreover, I take pride in being
adaptable and quick to learn new things. However, one thing that I have...

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What Even is Love?
Those of you who know me also
know that my feelings towards Valentine’s Day are pretty neutral. I believe
love should be celebrated every day but I also don’t blame those who pick
Valentine’s Day as their one day a year to be in love. However, I’ve always b...

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3 Clothing Items That Are Better Bought in the Men’s Department
           The thing I’ve grown to love most about clothing is that
nowadays you can pretty much do anything and everything you want with them. You
can wear a skirt as a strapless top. You can wear sandals with socks (I know,
who would have thought?!). You ...

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3 Things You Won't Be Able To Do in OTK Boots But Why They're Still Amazing*
It was around this time last year
that I got a pair of over the knee boots from Zara. I bought these influenced
by many things, but mostly because I believed they were the key to looking
effortlessly chic at all times (and I couldn’t afford the hefty price ...

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One Item, 5 Days: The Slip Dress
            A few years
ago my friend uncovered this old photo of us from when we were 9 years old, in
which I was wearing wide-leg culottes and coloured-lens 90s sunglasses. I couldn't find it for the purpose of this video but, trust me, it was hilarious. ...

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How Shoes Can be Achievable New Year Resolutions
Sticking to New Year resolutions
is hard. Granted, that’s mostly because they are set by vulnerable people who
feel pressured to do so, at a time when many expectations to renew yourself are
created. Most times, the intention to go to the gym, eat healthily...

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How to Accessorize Your 2017
Hello. Hey there. Welcome to a new year. If you’re reading this, you’ve
managed to get through 2016 and you’ve also somehow stuck around to reading my
posts. Thank you for that. Sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to fool some of
you to keep following the r...
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