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In this life you don't get what you deserve,you get what you fight for !
In this life you don't get what you deserve,you get what you fight for !

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Agriculture is at crossroads. There are many positive and negative changes taking place in the sector each day, all of which require that collective solutions be sought by the young and the old people.

In a bid to determine the critical role higher education training plays in training the next generation of agricultural professionals, Raymond Zvavanyange interviewed a young professional in Zimbabwe on his choice of agribusiness management as a career.

Enjoy the interview below

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Two days ago, the +Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations   announced  2016 as the International Year of Pulses in an aim to raise awareness on the key role pulses play in food and Nutrition security.

And being a die hard consumer of legumes  especially common beans and lentils i wrote a post to show why am 100% supporting the #InternationalYearofPulses  

Enjoy reading the Scooping my pulses, one spoon at a time

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How inclusive is the agricultural sector in Kenya?
Photo Credit: Flickr Ever
wondered how persons with hearing impairment make it through most of the church
sessions which mostly are speech dominated?Well,these thoughts had never crossed my mind until a few weeks ago when i happened
to attend a Mid morning ...

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