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Jessica Romeo
Wife, mother of 3, Chef, and Nutritionist who has a passion to help others achieve ultimate health and happiness
Wife, mother of 3, Chef, and Nutritionist who has a passion to help others achieve ultimate health and happiness

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Super Bowl Dip!  This can be used SO many ways...veggies, wings and ALL the things

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask for you to come and follow me on my business Google+ page! I have missed seeing all of your posts due to the fact that I only seem to have time lately for one account.

Please come and follow me here now:

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Plantain Muffins
Plantains....holy moly if you have never used these for baking, you are missing out.  They are amazing!   I first learned about there amazing potential from my awesome sister who made my nana pancakes with them instead of bananas!  I was sold.  The reason t...

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Protein Egg Muffins
Are you in a hurry in the mornings on the weekdays?  Off to work early or getting the kids up and ready out the door and to school early?  One of the best ways to get proper nutrition in the morning is to eat a protein loaded breakfast.  These little protei...

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Sleep...why I have made it more of a priority
My ideas about sleep have transformed from: "You can sleep when you are dead," To:  "You can sleep when you are dead, which will be a lot sooner then you want, if you don't start sleeping" A good-night's sleep is a pretty foreign concept to most unfortunate...

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Getting off the Treadmill and go Play!
Can anyone spot the over-sized kid?  Have you ever watched kids play?  Healthy kids will play very very hard and rest when necessary, they don't need to go out on 5 mile runs or spend hours at the gym because their entire day is built around moving around, ...

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Kale and Pear Salad
Are you in a salad rut?  I get that way, but this one will cure that fact it is so simple and refreshing you just my want to make it everyday...which is what I have been doing anyways.  I have a large bag of smaller leafy kale from Costco, so ...

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Bison and Parsnip Chili
I had to make a pretty quick dinner tonight because we were out all day in town so luckily the day before I stocked up on a ton of wonderful food options at Costco, and I am incredibly thankful to be able to shop there as they really have some great choices...
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