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I just used this service, and it worked very well. All FB photos are now in Google Photo albums.
Web service Move2Picasa migrates all your photos from Facebook to Google Plus. Just visit the site, log in with Facebook, and let it do its work. Google Plus uses Google's Picasa Web Albums (soon to ...
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do you have to be using Chrome to do it?
Yes, it's a chrome extension. Im sure there are other services, though. 
I've been running G+ on both Firefox 3.7 and both Internet Explorers 8 and 9
The Move2Picasa only worked on Chrome with Extension. All is right with the world.
Yep. Apparently it was a web service, but it got crushed with the demand, so they made it an extension to put the workload on your actual computer.
Once I have uploaded all of my albums to picasa what is the next step to get them on G+?
Nevermind I figured out the problem! The albums weren't viewable by the public!
If the iPhone app has the "instant upload" feature for pictures taken from your phone, the default setting is the same as you mention. I think it's the right way to go...albums are private by default, and you have to opt in to sharing them.
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