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I like to write things and then delete them.
I like to write things and then delete them.

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Man, I really want to like +Java Code Geeks, but it just keeps getting harder.  Content quality seems to be falling on average.  (If you're going to publish in English, get a native speaker to proof them first.  I mean, come on.)  The site looks like it was designed by, well, a bunch of java code geeks.

I can deal with all of that.  But the final straw is the modal subscription dialog.  Who does that??  Why not take it one step further and have a big banner across the top that says GO AWAY.

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Turns out Ray Bradbury is an entertaining speaker.  He talks like a preacher.

Tired of having two redundant cloud drive services in my life.  It's time to make a cut.  But who?

Oh, what's that, Dropbox?  You're full with a measly 5GB?  +Google Drive  has 15GB for free, and cheaper upgrade plans?

+Mover  will help you clean out your desk.

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Don't know how I made it this long without knowing about MoreUnit.

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attic remodel!
attic remodel
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If you aren't subscribed to the hackernewsletter, do it now.  All of the good stuff, none of the guiltily-wasted hours reading hacker news.

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I'd heard about Youtube Leanback several months ago when it was just announced.  Wanting to consume some TED Talks, I decided to check it out.  I was mostly expecting it to be in some state of abandonment considering Google's recent product killing spree.

To my surprise, it lives.  It has a nice-looking interface designed for use by a remote/console controller, I guess.  Right away Youtube informs me that I can control it with my phone, so I point my trusty Nexus S at, enter the code shown on my TV, and BAM! Youtube TV with awesome remote control!

From the phone, I can play and pause the current video, and browse for other videos which I can add to the TV Queue.  As soon as one video is complete the next one launches immediately.  The best part is that this is pure web -- no native apps installed on the laptop, TV, or phone other than Chrome.

The whole experience was so simple it was almost confusing -- at first I kept looking for a menu option to "send" a video to the TV.  Turns out all I had to do was click play.  Youtube really did a good job creating an experience that "just works" and is a joy to use.

Damn Google Reader, why must you die? I tried feedly but.. it's just not the same...
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