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Do you know, We are using Observer Design Pattern in our day to day life.

1. Understand Observer Design Pattern with Real World Example.
2. Understand Java Implementation of Observer Design Pattern.

Learn observer design pattern and try to implement it!!

#DesignPatter #ObserverPattern #codeNuclear

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1. What is IoC Container?
2. What are the different bean scopes in spring?
3. What is ViewResolver in Spring?
4. What are the types of the transaction management Spring support?

All are answered here!!!

#LearnSpring #InterviewQuestions #codeNuclear

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1. What is a Web Service?
2. What are the advantages of Web Services?
3. What are different types of Web Services?
4. What are advantages of REST web services?

Know all interview related Q&A for web service!!!

#WebService #Interview #codeNuclear

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Command Design Pattern in Java

"Command design pattern is used to implement loose coupling in a request-response model."

1. Understand Command Design Pattern with Real Time Example.
2. Advantages of Command Pattern
3. Drawbacks of Command Pattern

#BehavioralPattern #DesignPattern #codeNuclear

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Do you know how HashMap works in Java?
1. Overview
2. What Is Entry Class?
3. How Does put() Method Work Internally?
4. How Does get() Method Work Internally?
5. Performance Enhancement for HashMap in Java 8

#JavaCollection #HashMap #codeNuclear #HowItWorks

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1. What is the Java Collection?
2. What are differences between Array and ArrayList?
3. What is iterator fail-fast property?
4. What is Comparable and Comparator interface?
Have you faced these questions in interview? All questions answered here!!!

#collectionFramework #Map #List #Set #JavaInterview #codeNuclear

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Have you ever been used trigger in database? Most probably no.
Learn how to enable trigger here!!

#PLSQL #Trigger #codeNuclear

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Most awaited series is launched!!!!

Yes. After refining questions, We have most frequently asked interview questions.

#Interview #codeNuclear #CoreJava #QnA

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Learn how Chain of Responsibility design pattern works.

How to achieve lazy loading using Chain of Responsibility pattern.

Learn benefits and drawbacks of Chain of Responsibility pattern.

#codeNuclear #DesinPatterns #Java #ChainofResponsiblityPattern

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