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Life changes. And sometimes that means your blog title is no longer accurate. I am still adjusting to the reality that I am no longer "Lisette in Kenya", but God has been faithful and I am grateful for a fresh word and a new beginning. There will be updates...

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Over 75 years ago, a group of students from Asbury College (now University) were led by God to Kenya to share the story of the Gospel and the Hope of Christ. They arrived in Nairobi, then a small but growing railroad crossroads, and set out in search of a a...

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I have been incredibly lax about updating my website. There are several reasons. Internet here had been very spotty recently, busy classes, etc, etc, but mostly, I struggle to know what to to write on here. It seems like I should have plenty to talk about. ...

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Because it's Thanksgiving, here are nine things for which I am everlastingly thankful. 1. My students.  They are not without challenges, to be sure, but they are funny, creative, enthusiastic, and incredibly sweet. They make it fun to go to work every day. ...

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Turn! Turn! Turn!: Change is for the Byrds*
During my time at Tenwek back in 2006, a missionary mom made a passing comment (which she probably does not even remember) that I have pondered periodically for the last seven years. We were planning regular prayer/fellowship meetings for missionaries here ...

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A new blog post. (Actually, it's one a wrote a while ago and am just now sitting down to revise one last time before I publish.)

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"This world is not my home I'm just a-passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue"
- from "This World Is Not My Home" by Jim Reeves

New blog post, updates budget progress, and adjusted travel schedule. Things are getting wild over here.
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