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Sarah Kieffer
From Disability to Possibility
From Disability to Possibility

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Sped Hacks!

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Simple and Easy Sped Hacks for Back to School!
I love repurposing things. I've used crystal light containers for sorting. Paint sticks for movable schedules. You name it I try to repurpose it or figure out a way to use it in the classroom. Although I've never repurposed dressers or chairs.... because th...

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Planning for MORE Purposeful Differentiation in Special Education
special education we differentiate in our sleep, right? Wrong. As a
special education administrator, I’ve noticed some of my teachers who are
self-contained in a special ed. resource room fall into a bad habit. They think
they are using differentiation p...

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Post Secondary Transition Program that works!

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Post Secondary Transition through Project Search
Hey ALL! Happy (hopefully) summer break to you! Since I’m
not in administration, I’m working all summer, so I am jealous of all of your
who are lounging around by a pool! Any who, I wanted to talk to you guys about Post-Secondary
Transition. More specifical...

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Tips for an Effective Self Monitoring Plan
Do you have students that struggle with completing their work? Do you have students who struggle with asking for help on tasks? Do you have students who struggle with playing with other students? Self-monitoring is the best tool I have found that helps impr...

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Using Praise to Increase Positive Behavior
  Have you ever tried to complete a new skill but struggled immensely? I have, and I absolutely hated the experience of not being able to
do something that I wanted to learn to do. I’ve felt this way a few times throughout my life, but no more so
than in my...

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Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, & Sadness: How to Teach Self-Regulation
My first year teaching I took my students on a field trip to
the zoo. We spent weeks preparing for the trip. Each student picked an animal
and researched that animal within their limitations. We also watched videos
from our local zoo and completed several s...

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Funny teachers!
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