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Mosaics is Live!
The print paperback (trade paperback size) for the Mosaics Anthology is live now! We worked really hard to get the formatting all perfect by Monday because we had understood that we must have it submitted to the printer by the 1st or it wouldn't be ready by...

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Racism & Privledge and the "Drive By" Racist Meangirl
In crafting the intersectional feminist anthology that I'm working on, my writing partners & I are committed to finding writers from communities not always well represented in indie publishing, or anthologies, or just about any literary scene. So we wrote a...

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2015 in review
I was busy the last couple of weeks & didn't post on my "book birthday" (Dec 24) that Mariposa has been published now for a year. That was the official start, last year, of my 2015. We felt out of it last year on New Year's Eve and went home early to watch ...

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Lee Lee’s Cajun Eggs Benedict Sunday Brunch Recipe
Lee Lee’s Cajun Eggs Benedict
Sunday Brunch Recipe Ingredients 1 pound
andouille sausage, diced in ½ inch cubes 1 dozen fresh
eggs (if you can get the ones from the Farmer’s Market, everyone is always
impressed by that) 6 English
Muffins, toasted and split ...

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Book Blab Today: Slipstream!
A few writers & I are doing a new thing where we are talking about different types of writing, the challenge of indie publishing, etc. It's on a new platform Twitter is creating called Blab. If you have a Twitter account already, it's easy to sign in and wa...

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Blog Tour!
For December's release of the Mariposa Audiobook, and in honor of Mariposa's ONE YEAR book birthday, I'm going on a blog tour! I'll be doing interviews, having reviews, etc, on various awesome blogs all over the Internet. The first one, today, is on Mythica...

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Kosa Press Interview with Yours Truly
Pavarti Tyler is a force of nature. She just about always has about forty oars in the water, and is a bundle of energy and fun. When she asked me to be interviewed in the Kosa Press series on Women in Sci-Fi, I was like "HECK YEAH." Then I got the questions...

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And now for something completely different.  I never thought I'd be a video person. Vlogs, or video on the Internet, just didn't seem like a "me" thing. I don't love my voice, and I always think I'm ridiculously unphotogenic. But my writer-friend Laxmi Hari...

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Reincarnation & Alternate Universes: A Theory
These are the very words she uses to describe her life... She said a good day Ain't got no rain She said a bad day's when I lie in bed And think of things that might have been... "Slip Sliding Away" Paul Simon, 1975. Sometimes, you'll hear a song or see a f...
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