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The freelance writer for all your needs

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Dark Souls - Prepare to die Edition.
Upcoming action role-playing game on the lines of Demon’s Souls and FromSoftware.

List Price: $51.46.
You get 10% Cashback on the Best Price via Deopla: $ 17.24.

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Are you doing something to safeguard your online privacy?
Listen to PR guru Richard Hillgrove:

"Microsoft says 84% of Britons are concerned about online privacy, but almost 50% are doing nothing about it. Beware, hackers are out there!"

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The smartphone internet world is the future and advertisers are making a beeline for it. Richard Hillgrove, the PR master, asserts this factor on Twitter:

"Channel 4 made an operating loss of £29m in 2012, down from £22m profit in 2011. Mobile oriented social media eats away at TV ad revenues."

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Wine lovers on a budget can rejoice as low cost (£20) British champagnes beat costlier brands in an International Wine Challenge awards with blind taste test.

The Co-op's Les Pioneers and Asda’s Extra Special Premier Cru won Gold Medals. The winners are allowed to advertise about the award on their bottles to boost their business.

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Leapdog Marketing, the Raleigh Social Media Marketing company, has partnered with LocalSense in Raleigh and the entire state of NC to measure the real ROI on your social media marketing efforts.

This is good news for small business owners:

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Today it starts!

Google I/O 2013

General link:

All the top times over the upcoming shows are your local times!

#IO13   #Google   #GoogleIO  


Google+ related:

Here is the Google+ platform overview video link:

G+ and Search: How to Enhance Your Brand Queries on Google

Fireside Chat with the Google+ Platform Team


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