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An old school SEO and Internet Marketer
An old school SEO and Internet Marketer

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I am off to meet Her Majestic The Queen later this year! Really proud of the whole team. The announcement was officially made today from Buckingham Palace that @Majestic won a Queens Award for Enterprise (Innovation). I'd link to our Google+ profile, but it would seem Google is unable to remove the old "SEO" from our branding since we bought Nevermind. Full interview at or snippet below.

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Today we put a new "fun" thing out into the world - called Social Explorer. It quickly lets anyone create "Top 10" lists of most influential Twitter profiles by subject (topic). so I thought I would use Google+ #plusonly to show you an easy way to use this for your own niche. If you hover over the coloured boxes, you should be able to drill down to one of over 800 topics that are categorized. The relevant top 10 list appears on the left of the screen, but so does a like/embed button. This means that you can maintain a dynamic top 10 list on your own blog or site. When I say dynamic, right now we dumped the top 50,000 twitters profiles into a CSV file to build this, but if it gets any traction, we will port the 50K list through on every build of the main fresh index (so once a day or so). Alternatively, you are welcome to grab the static list and make your own "top 10" influencers in ...(insert topic here) blog post. Now - bot all of the top 10 list are intuitive... I am the first to admit... but that is the beauty of unstructured information. In terms of the Trust associated with link to those Twitter profiles, our data is correct... but interpretations may vary (as they do in real life) and "Trust" is in no way meant to correlate with "Fame" or "Followers" or indeed "clicks".

If you see any friends in a top 10 list, please tell them! I am hoping a few will be brave enough to tweet their position (I would, but I am not in any top 10).

This beautiful data visualization came out of a bunch of Interns, that we hijacked for 12 weeks after we saw them excelling at playing with APIs at hackathons. It uses 3d.js to create the lovely interactive chart... which I can heartily recommend if you are a "Data is Beautiful" kind of person. Also it is Open Source, so that's good too!

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12 months on from this announcement, is anyone seeing quantitative evidence that HTTPS is actually a positiver ranking factor?

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We just released this Twitter App for Android in Beta... See +Majestic  data in your Twitter client and use it to see who is influential in any Twitter stream. Add the influencers to your bucket list and see unwrapped links before you click on them. If you are an Adroid user... enjoy... If you are an iPhone user, please let me know if you know a great iPhone App developer... because i have only found an Android one so far. Also... if +Duane Forrester really thinks converting it to Windows is easy, can you please send me a guy that will do that for me from a Github of the orginal code for Android? That way, iphone will be the only one we don't support.

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Really good to see Majestic data being visualized in this way...
Today Majestic is proud to bring an interactive “Sankey” chart into both the Clique Hunter tools and an interactive Word Cloud into the Anchor Text tab of Site Explorer. These visualizations bring data to life and I was especially impressed when I saw the new Clique Hunter visualization because you can click on elements to more easily visualize how hubs of authority are linking to both you and your competition. 

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"Gamification" is a tecnhique that can seriously speed up the time it takes to learn a complex tool. So Majestic have integrated a game into the fabric of the site. Barry has given it a test run - and I think I owe him a drink. We went live today and it's good to see our Ambassadors fighting over the leader-board out of the gate. I expect that our power users will start taking over the top spots soon enough though. I am hopeful that it will give majestic users more than just a technical advantage. A knowledge advantage will be just as useful. Let the Games begin!

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He's actually coming! :)
+Dixon Jones and +Ken McGaffin kindly invited me to a #MajesticMemo #Twitter debate on linking. Come and join the discussion!

Topic: Is there any such thing as a Natural Link Profile?
When: Monday 9th March 2015 3:00 PM London = 10:00 AM Eastern US = 4:00 PM Kraków = 8:00 AM Seattle
Where: On #Twitter, follow #MajesticMemo


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A GREAT vision of what work will be like in the future. I know that it is a long read, but I loved it. If you can't read it all though, just look at the 8 ideas at the end on how to improve your chances.

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3D Majestic Landscapes from the Research labs (printer room) of +majesticseo (Wish Google+ would let us change that handle). We have sent a printed model you you +John Mueller via Zurich. Hope it arrives safely.

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Good honest Penguin lessons story from this chap on LinkedIN I thought.
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