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Elizabeth Brennan

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It remains dark there
Perhaps  within neighborhoods of charred
abandoned homes prepped for Halloween, snarled pseudo-spider webs and molten
plastic tombstones sent through a ruthless furnace lie quietly next to roof
debris and rubble. The children are nowhere in sight. There’s a...

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Prickly Purple Beauty
Perhaps the prickly purple beauty of thistle
flower tints the summer seaside with lavender crowns. She feels at home here in
these gilded hills, sparkling in her element as an amethyst jewel – each showy filigree
orb perched on a silvery stem hemmed with th...

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orange of
Perhaps  the eerie, glowing orange of today's midday sun summons the
midnight panic of hands reaching for family pets, photographs, passwords and
passports with only minutes to spare. We have no desire to eat or speak as long
as the soot of last night's hun...

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The kind of red
Perhaps it is the kind of red that tastes of late-September strawberries ripening
under their dark-haired leaves, the sweetness of nature’s last hurrah sugaring
the pink edge of my tongue – or the red over-ripe scent of forgotten apples left on the tree too...

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Perhaps it is a way of being lost without having gone
anywhere, like arriving at a cottage where all the year’s flowers bloom at
once. The day begins with a long walk on over a land edged with the vivid blue
of sky and white clouds overhead close enough to ...

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Perhaps a story,
like a person, remains imperfect, incomplete, during its entire existence. Each
and every masterpiece of digression is a person on the beach tentatively
touching his or her toes to the edge of the sprawling sea. It is a Mobius strip
in whic...

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Perhaps because I am able to love you
today, happiness follows me like a shadow. The saint to be appreciated and the
animal to be condemned that have always existed inside of me dissolve into one.
I am at ease, like a sky deciding to become one kind of weat...

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Bells of Dawn
Not the best quality video, but beautiful sound!

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Origin of Flux
Perhaps that which
has happened can unhappen at any moment. I take a breath in, and I immediately
have to throw one out again. The edge of day, which appears fixed in the mosaic of my
eye, is even closer than it seems as it pulls away from me into the passi...

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Law of the Three
Perhaps everything is divided into three. The true, the
good, the beautiful.   Existence,
consciousness, and bliss. The seer, the seen, and their relationship. And what
about the proton, neutron and electron? No one has seen electrons, yet it is
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