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Blight of the Immortals
Blight of the Immortals
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WARNING: I'm about to check in some changes to the way messages are tracked. 

This may make all your messages "unread" and you may need to use "mark all read" to clear them all again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Hey Guys, 

Sorry I haven't been around much this week. I have been off work most of the week and have lots of boring business stuff to take care off as well. 

I have been reading, and when things get back to normal I will scroll back through and participate in the discussion!

Thanks everybody who as been helping out with support in the meantime!


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I'm really excited about this game. Come on, 3 more slots!!

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Hey folks.

I've been building a new account systems so that players don't have to use Google or Facebook to login. I would love your help testing it.

I have created a test server that is not linked to the real game. You can tell you are on the test server because all the UI will be green.

Right now the green sandbox server is the same as the main game.

I would love you to create an account using the existing Google or Facebook tools and join a game or two.

Early next week I will apply an update to the sandbox. We need to make sure the existing accounts are not affected any way.

After that we can test making new accounts.

This is a fairly big change so I would really appreciate your help testing. Please reply here if you are able to help.

When you force start a game, should I assume that you want all the empty seats to be taken over by AI right away?

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Galactic Inspectors game. 

Quad speed premium players only

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Heads up, there are still a phantom ship bug plaguing the game at the moment. I thought it might be related to the AI but I have had reports of it happening to real players as well. 

I will try and fix it this after noon.


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The first ever official Iron Helmet Game Forums

Come and help me try it out. I'm not 100% sure I will like it, or how well the notification work, or how easy it is to find suff. Lets work it out together. 

I will continue to read here, and Twitter and Facebook for a while until we decide the forums are awesome. 
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