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I'm no meteorologist, but I'm pretty sure it's raining job opportunities.

I started thinking about doing Let's Play videos. I have no idea if this is smart of me or not. Probably not. But it does involve me playing more video games, so that can't be too bad.

Interesting ideas regarding the new comic. Still managing to be very simple, not nearly as involved as Rustkin. Wonder if I could get it started by this weekend.

I just want to make a webcomic about a guy with a crab claw for a head in a city that exists amidst nothingness. Is that so wrong?

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Here's where I'm posting all the comics.

Alright. I'm out of commission for the next twenty four hours, give or take. When I come back, hopefully I'll be twenty four comic pages richer.

Holy crap, Wall Street is insane right now. Most media stations are ignoring it, but peaceful protestors are being incarcerated and thrown onto buses with no clear destination, people are literally being maced for no reason, officers are getting violent -- and none of the officers seem to have any clue what they're arresting people for or where they're taking them. #OccupyWallStreet has turned from something silly and non-effectual into a very disturbing image of what our country's become.

Bioware certainly didn't delay in lieu of Diablo III being pushed back. SWTOR is to be released this December, so when half the research lab is gone, you can point your fingers to BW.

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So this happened, and it's really quite well done. About 35 minutes long, but amazingly well produced, and surprisingly dark, if a bit goofy in parts.

I'm a little disturbed that as soon as I beat Persona 3 FES, P3 Portable goes on sale for $20 on PSN. By the way, I have P3P now.
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