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The Rise of #Mobile - The End of the #PC ?? Your Thoughts Please?
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I think that the new Asus PadFone and more tablets powered by a mobile is the future of PC.
[EDIT: TL:DR version. tablets with keyboards/mice and TVs with better OSs/UIs = post PC win!]

I don't think we're in a post PC era, but rather that everything is a PC. That will lead to a traditional home PC losing relevance.

As long as you have a modern browser on a device, it does pretty much the same job as a PC for many people, as a lot of people just use a home PC to check email, watch YouTube, and reply to Facebook Google+ posts.

The phone already does those things well, and is quickly weaning people off their PC addiction, but the home PC still has some advantages such as certain software not available on mobile, hardware keyboards and large screens.

I personally think that there will be new categories of devices that end the dominance of PCs in the home.

I love the idea of tablet computers being used as a home PC or notebook replacement. The idea being that a tablet on a kickstand with a wireless keyboard, mouse and perhaps external speakers can do a lot of the things that a PC can do, but the tablet has the added advantage of being portable. Windows 8 and Android 4.0 are already making such a device quite viable. The Asus Transformer is a really good proof of concept, although I think we'll have to wait a year or more before we see these tablets getting the software support they need to compete with traditional PCs.

Another form factor that people might not have thought about too much is the traditional television or monitor. Smart TV UIs are terrible right now, and they have very limited app support. Once someone gets the UI and app support sorted, screens could become a good home PC replacement too. If I bought a 20" screen for my room that already ran Android or Windows 8, why buy a PC? All-in-one PCs are a step in the right direction, but they are still built to be primarily PCs. What I think will happen is that we'll see Windows 9 and Android 5 running in the background on most TVs that we buy in stores. It will work as a TV, DVR, web browser, but most importantly it will tap into the Windows and Android apps ecosystems so that the developer community can add value to the device with new apps and games designed for the big screen. This will also bring gaming to a larger audience as a lot of people who wouldn't buy a dedicated console would buy a smart TV... add a controller and you have a games console.
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