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Corina Meyfeldt
Todo hecho a mano...
Todo hecho a mano...

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Someone interested?

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Bauble pattern
I posted some time ago a Christmas bauble and I promissed to share the pattern. It is not dificult to do... except you want to do it the way I did it: with 3 shuttles and using padding tatting. The pattern is just rings and chains and at the first glance, o...

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Pulled loop join
It  sounds long and scarry... But it is a join done with the shuttle thread, just a lok join, since all rings are worked with only one shuttle. In the old patterns, before Ann Orr taught us to work a split chain (1916)  you find this chain of rings with som...

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Assymetrical earrings
Too long... waited too long to make the pattern for the earrings. For some I just gave the rough written pattern  over Facebook. There you have it: One shuttle pattern. String some seed beads in the shuttle. No turn work what so ever. 20 minutes tat. Promis...

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Pattern Wave
It was time maybe to let it go. Since 2012 I saw a lot of versions not only of the finished, but also of the pattern itself, in so many forms. I like to think that a lot of technical questions will be answered by the pattern itself. I never expected this pa...

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Bauble fever
I do have a huge shortage in time. I do not have the time to make a tatting tutorial the way I like it. Lately I made some baubles. But one of the patterns used especially is pretty versatile. I will post the picture and the written pattern. It is a very ea...

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Fringe... sort of
Corina tried to get in the snowflake mood. Toke a pattern tried to work it. Then she finds a lost thread of gold metallic Finca thread and the pattern gets forgotten. It is again one of the "Lets start the party" moments. It did this:   See those threads? N...

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Necklace "Bow" pattern
“Bows”pattern I played
with 2 shuttles and some self closing mock rings, love it. Then I wanted to
climb to the top of the SCMR with both threads and this is how the beads got in
play. Made some elements, drunk some coffee, watched TV and then it h...

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Rosette with beads, funny beads
This is about the small black rosette I published some days ago... Love to tease you, love to make you find solutions. This helps a lot to get out a bit outside the box. One box we are stuck in sometimes is the way to add the beads. They must come from the ...

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Remember this one? Bracelet I played with the idea and the last one I uploaded. The basic idea is the same: 1 shuttle, all the beads strung previously. And with a crochet hook and some decorating beads, this is all you need. Remember the small rings? You ta...
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