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What are the best examples of spec-fic CARTOON movies or shorts?
Over at the Lasers, Dragons, and Keyboards Facebook page , we asked, "What are the best examples of spec-fic CARTOON movies or shorts?" So, here is my answer: Oh, so many. Here are some of my favorites, sometimes with an explanation, or other commentary. St...

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Reader question: How to not indent the first line of just some paragraphs in an ePub book?
Today, we have a reader question: "Hi, I've used your awesome tutorial on a short story and now I'm using
it again on a novel. Just wondering if you
know a way to stop the first line of a new chapter being indented? It
seems I'd need to add something int...

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Book Review: Storming by K.M. Weiland
Today's book Reivew is Storming, by K.M. Weiland From the "Back of the Book:" "In the high-flying, heady world of 1920s aviation, brash pilot Robert "Hitch" Hitchcock's life does a barrel roll when a young woman in an old-fashioned ball gown falls from the ...

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Book Review: Kitsune Tsuki
Today's Book review is Kitsune Tsuki, by Laura VanArendonk Baugh. From the "back of the book:" "How does one find a shape-shifter who may not even exist? The onmyouji Tsurugu no Kiyomori, a practitioner of the mystic arts, has been engaged to protect the wa...

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Book Review: Robo Raptors and the Gutsy Rebels
From the "Back of the Book:" "When 2000 lives are at stake, the Defiant Few, an elite rebel team, has no choice but to intervene. But in this dark conspiracy, who can they trust? Word about a plot to attack a civilian cruise liner gets to Jones, Dark Horse ...

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I'm not dead! ... Really...
Wow, it's been longer than I thought between posts here... It's been a busy summer. Both day jobs have been busy, Realm Makers was fun, and I've been busy with the Lasers, Dragons, and Keyboards podcast. I'll have a blog post up on Realm Makers eventually, ...

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Win a copy of A New Threat...
I'm still alive! I'll have a new bog post up soonish. In the meantime, go win a book: I'm giving away a copy of A New Threat over on Goodreads. Go enter to win !

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So I Finally Switched to Linux...
I first encountered Linux back when I was in high school, around 1997, or 1998. At that point, I knew I wanted to do something with computers, and I'd come across Linux. My first distro was Red Hat. I believe it was version 7.2 (I either bought the Red Hat ...

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Book Review: A Sea of Purple Ink
Today's book review is A Sea of Purple Ink, by Rebekah Shafer. From the "back of the book:" "Once their gifts made them heroes. Now they’re branded as traitors.  Reese
Davis has been on the run for years. Her crimes include being born with
a supernaturall...

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Win another free book!
So, my co-conspirators and I just interviewed Jeff Gerke at Lasers, Dragons, and Keyboards . As part of the interview, we're giving away a copy of Jeff's book: The Irresistible Novel! Check out below for how you can win! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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