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Little. Red. Different. Better.

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I was looking for a copy of this for a friend. I read it cover to cover after I left college and loved it. Seriously. I loved it. 

All of the companies offering me deals TODAY only are completely wasting their time. Let's say I have $100 to spend on disposable items such as gifts for friends, software I've been thinking about for a while, or a membership to a service. If ALL the organizations that I do business with offer me a deal just today, then I can only distribute my $100 on a couple off offers. But... if the offers were to trickle in throughout the week and the rest of the month... well then, I'd be more likely to blow a little more disposable income on the various sales. 

Vendors and Businesses, don't fall for the one-day-only-Cyber-Monday-sales crap.

Competed in the J&J, Strictly and Solo Blues Comps at Rose City Blues last weekend. Had a great time. Did some great dancing. Didn't win. Here are my thoughts on that:

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White Line Fever... 
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