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Where there is a will, there is a way.
Where there is a will, there is a way.


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This is a work in progress. Just having fun with this last project and decided to do something a bit different than what I usually do. It was fun to bust out the bass and guitar while getting busy on my padKONTROL with drums.

As you can tell I am neither a vocalist or a lyricist. Nevertheless I had fun. I will probably mess around a bit more with this and repost it with a detailed description what I used to make it.
Cave Instrumental
Cave Instrumental

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Here is my bandcamp page with some of my albums. I'd like to know what you guys think! 

Thank You #PWYM
Manny Marx
Manny Marx

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Late again! Another busy week at work! Here is my remix! Feed back would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I had some issues with the Soundation DAW with latency with midi so I was unable to do what I had originally planned with a drum beat so I messed around with the drum beat samples that were provided and was pleasantly surprised. I also really enjoyed the degeneration effect. I might have over used it. 
My vision was to give this track a very electronic sound because I feel it was the opposite of the original tracks analog sound. Once I got a feel for the Soundation DAW things really started to flow. Hope you enjoy!

Hey did anyone have issues getting there midi keyboard to work with Soundation? I can't get mine to work with it. The synths work with the computer keyboard but not the midi keyboard. I have a number of them and none worked. 


#soundation   #midi  

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Mix Down of Air Traffic

I was late with the project so I kinda rushed this one.

I just messed with some panning on the vocals and backing vocals as well as the reverb. I but some delay on the drums to give the song a bit more drive. Aside from that I touched up the bass with distortion and EQed every instrument to get them to meld together more. I am used to working with a DAW that has a lot more bells and whistles so it was nice to work with just the basics! I think I will simplify my own mixing process as I seem to go nuts with all the extra tools at my disposal.

Also... I think my group is no more #group11  



Convergent: I have done something similar before when I have tried to match my own instruments' sound to match an instrument in a sample I used from another song. I started this project by matching the volume and panning of the lead vocals and piano in the beginning of the song. The very end of the song was a great spot to match up the lead vocals as well. Once I was confident that the volume was the same I used the piano and vocals as a reference and never adjusted them (maybe a little nudge at some point)
I then listened for parts of the song when an instrument stuck out and listened over and over to the original track and my track back to back fine-tuning the volume and panning. 

Creative: I attempted to spread out the instruments a bit through panning to give it an image of how it might sound live. I also raised the backing vocals up because I think it sounds cool when the lead and backing vocals sing together at the chorus.

Here is my analysis. There was a cord progression I didn't even realize was there until doing this project.

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The Phil Galdston interview is excellent. It was eye opening for me. If you haven't already, check it out. 

Does anyone have a useful source of information that deals with synthesizer sounds? 

Also anyone privy on a site similar to Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music?

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I tweaked my graph a bit. 

Song "Second Best" by Pedro the Lion

Anyone else in #group11  ?
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