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No Silence No Violence
Committed to Creating a Movement of Change Surrounding Domestic Violence
Committed to Creating a Movement of Change Surrounding Domestic Violence

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Check out my newest video where I answer FAQ's about domestic violence!

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Friends....we've been approved!!!!
KIND Projects is giving us the chance to receive $10,000 just by earning votes!!!!! Voting starts today, please help us make a difference in the lives of hundreds of survivors simply by clicking on the link below and voting!
We receive upwards of 100 emails/calls each week from survivors desperately seeking help with food, clothing, gas, electric bills, storage payments, and rental deposits. We also provide educational workshops and materials to any entity that asks, whether they are able to provide compensation or not.

A KIND award would mean hundreds of domestic violence survivors being given a chance at a new life, with their basic needs being met. It would also mean spreading our movement even farther, with the intention of eliminating this epidemic around the globe.
If we win: Hundreds of survivors will be given the chance to change their lives as we provide for their basic needs such as food, shelter, childcare, diapers, assistance with electric bills, gas & clothing.

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Mine Until now available in paperback on Amazon! Get your discounted copy today and join us in our global campaign to #enddomesticviolence   #domesticviolenceawareness   #author   #survivor  

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NYTimes brings to light a topic that we spend hours each day attempting to address. Hoping national coverage regarding the epidemic we're all too familiar with with make room for new conversations, progression of resources, and elimination of stigma. #domesticviolenceawareness   #nytimes   #survivor  

I can learn from your valleys, your mountains, your successes, and your defeats....the only thing I cannot learn from is your silence. We all have a story to will you use yours to make a difference?? #survivorstories   #survivorstrength   #nosilencenoviolence   #domesticviolence  

Our purpose isn't found in identifying our own greatness but in finding the greatness in others! #survivorspeaks   #findingourpurpose   #nosilencenoviolence  

Heading to Northern CA in October for #domesticviolence awareness month! Speaking at a local shelter in Hayward and would be delighted to present anywhere else in the area that may benefit from this powerful event. Message us if interested! Happy Monday friends XOXO  #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth   #domesticviolence   #survivor   #nosilencenoviolence  

#todayshow  talks about sexual assault in the military this morning.  #nosilencenoviolence  continues to push forward in their efforts to ensure that military personnel have adequate support and resources in order to address this epidemic.  #military   #sexualassault   #sexualassaultawareness  

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Take a look at this groundbreaking invention and please consider purchasing! This product can and will save the lives of many around the globe! #domesticviolence   #domesticviolenceawareness   #survivor   #nosilencenoviolence  
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