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Charles Rettmuller

My entry for the Platinum Pass Challenge - #mypokerstory

My Poker Story

Poker home games among my friends and me,
I found myself winning and thought "this is easy";
I took my game to Vegas, was sure of winning lots of cash,
I lost my whole bankroll, local players kicked my ass!

Came back home to Chicago feeling regret and shame,
I vowed to myself to improve my game;
Didn't ever again want to be the sucker at the table,
That's a terrible feeling, to be stuck with that label;

I studied and read, learning all that I could,
When to raise, when to fold, when to get it in good;
Slowly I got better, tried to emulate the best,
Negreanu, Ivey, and all the rest;

My bankroll began growing, while playing online,
Winning sessions outweighed losing, most of the time;
I suffered through some downswings, regrettably so,
But that's how poker is, you have to go with the flow!

That first journey to Vegas really taught me a lesson,
My weak poker skills actually left no one guessing;
I was not a good player, I was just a kid,
I had a lot to learn, and I'm thankful that I did;

My game is so much better than it was before,
That time I lost all my money and was shown the door;
I feel ready to take on the poker sharks and piranhas,
What better place to do it than the PSPC in the Bahamas!

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The claims of 1,500 petitioners were denied by the DoJ in the Full Tilt remission process.
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The Global Poker League team names are not very creative or poker-centric.
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New details surface regarding the wedding of former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar.
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Where Are They Now? A look at the known whereabouts of the former Full Tilt execs accused of running a global Ponzi scheme.
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Former Full Tilt #poker CEO Ray Bitar avoided jail due to needing a heart transplant. Not sure if he got a new one, but won a young lady's heart!
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Convicted of murdering his parents, poker pro Ernie Scherer appealed.
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A little poem I wrote about the current state of online poker in the U.S.

Ode to U.S. Online Poker

Poker, a game that requires much skill,
Played for money, a battle of wits - if you will;
Your hole cards determine the decision at hand,
Whether to bet, raise, fold or stand;

Ah, but playing your opponent is also part of the game,
A well-timed bluff can bring riches and fame;
Those riches can be won either live or online,
On the Internet, only in regulated states at this time;

Regulation is available in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey,
The rest of the states remain at their legislators' mercy;
One man showing no mercy at all,
Is Sheldon Adelson, whose goal is an igaming fall;

The billionaire's aim is to wipe out regulation,
Spending whatever it takes to destroy the ipoker nation;
His efforts have proven a nuisance at best,
But his arguments have failed to pass any test;

Regulation will spread, of this many are sure,
The rights of states to trump the slinging of Adelson's manure;
The PPA leads the fight, doing its very best,
To allow U.S. players to play Internet poker at their behest.
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