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My Buried Life
(author's note and "Now What" incoming, hopefully by the time I present) 1. Perfect my Spanish. 2. Perfect my French. 3. Learn German. 4. Go to Europe. 5. Meet my family in Germany. 6. Go to Chile and meet my f...

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Ted Talk Refection - Chris Hadfield
In this TED talk, Chris Hadfield speaks about his experiences as an astronaut on the International Space Station and how they relate to overcoming fear. Basically the message I took from the video is that fear holds us back, and that overcoming it can allow...

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Quick Write - The Worst Meal
The worst meal would smell vaguely like something you like to eat. It would almost "fake you out" for a few seconds - it might even succeed in doing so for just long enough for you to take a bite. Most likely though, you would notice before then that it sme...

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Skype Reflection #2
1. What went well in today's Skype conversation? The presentations, in general, were well received. The kids seemed to enjoy them and were excited to answer questions from the presenters and from their Ms. Bettess. 2. What is the value in collaborating with...

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Procedural Writing - How Best to Eat Oreos
Photo by Jellaluna Creative Commons Licence Step One: Get a box of Oreos and some milk. Photo by Katherine Anderson Creative Commons Licence Step Two: Get a cup and a fork. Photo by user  @Doug88888 on Flickr Creative Commons Licence Step Three: Take an Ore...

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Mid Semester Reflection
1) Six Word Memoirs Grade: Incomplete I`m giving myself an incomplete on this assignment because I haven't yet handed it in. I didn't really have many pictures to work with, and I also didn't have very much motivation to take any. I will try to finish this ...

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Personal Addition - University
I've been thinking a lot over the past few days. For a long time, whenever I've been asked what I plan to do after high school, I've always been pretty vague. I say that I plan to be "something having to do with music or language". Those are the two things ...

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Skype Reflection
(1) What topics did you present? How did you go about making in "stick" with your audience? Our group presented a mini lesson on the basic forms of punctuation. It included periods, commas, exclamation point and question marks. To make the topic more intere...

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Reading Assignment - 15 Tweets
Better late than never! Here they are. Tweets from @ma_maddy: It's hard to believe Kira really said that. I've always known, I guess, but it hurts to hear it aloud... #frenemies I don't what to feel about this plan of Kira's. It just seems so unlikely. I sh...
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