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Is Exercise Hard on My Feet?

It’s fairly easy to determine if exercise is hard on your feet if you pay attention to what they are telling you. You may want to have a complete physical exam before you start any exercise program. This is particularly important for those who smoke, are overweight or haven’t exercised in a long period of time.

Foot care is extremely important when you are exercising. Simple exercises like running can put thousands of pounds of impact on your feet throughout your workout. Speak to a Chiropodist about the best ways to care for your feet while exercising.

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We strive to provide you with access to a Chiropodist that is qualified to handle any foot problems. Schedule a visit with us today at (416) 654-5515, to improve the function of your feet.

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Some foot conditions addressed include heel pain, arch pain, foot fatigue, pressure spots, protecting diabetic and arthritic feet. We provide a (thorough) biomechanical assessment and we are trained to make a 3D plaster cast/ impression of the foot.

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How Can I Take Better Care of My Feet?

It’s important to never ignore foot pain once you notice it. Listen to what your feet are telling you, and schedule an appointment with a Etobicoke Chiropodist as soon as you notice a problem.

Play close attention to your feet and inspect them regularly. Watch for color and temperature changes or any cuts or cracks in your skin. Trim your toenails properly, and always wash your feet. Always wear shoes that fit properly and don’t wear the same pair every single day. Speak to a Chiropodist before starting treatment with any home remedies.
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