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Ella Copylaradio

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A fusion open source project is about to come: Zeebox!

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Be prepared! We are opening a crowd funding campain to continue #CopyLaRadio project (or not).

Stay tuned for link to KissKissBankBank fund raising page ;)

1) LeMouv nous banni de leur page Facebook
2) Radio Nova répond à nos contacts par les réclamations de leur juriste
3) NRJ, bloque notre AppZ et une de nos IP sans aucun contact.

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First market return for #CopyLaRadio AppZ is good. We already have a few hundreds users after 1 month online ;) Problem is from Radio itself.

None of them even tried to discuss with us ;(
They only sent their lawyers to talk about logo copyright use. While we are good to them and their listeners. What a strange world...

You could follow the story to bring back Record button with the french group there

Install our AppZ there:

Happy New Year,
It is now Time to open this Millenium

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We need everybody support! Join us ;)
Peace & Love

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Visitez, vous découvrirez que le bouton Record est vraiment de retour! En + mieux...
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