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Hey! Happy #Fringe Friday Fans!
Some Reminders for Tonight:

1- Check In On #GetGlue
You can also check-in to the show's sponsors and thank them! Some examples are: Nissan Leaf, H&R Block, McDonalds, Olive Garden - Write something like: "Thank you for supporting #Fringe # WhereYouBelong @FRINGEonFOX"

2- Do not forget to use the hashtag: # WhereYouBelong (1 hour before Fringe airs)

3- Use Both Google+ and Twitter (change your icon to the 'WhereYouBelong' event icon. Get it here:

4- If you live in the United States WATCH LIVE!!!

5- If you live outside the United States try to watch the show live at so we can discuss it instantly! ( How-To Here : )

6- SHARE Spread The Word!
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