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Seth Gabel Not Returning as a Regular For Fifth and Final Season
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Figured but still sucks to hear that. Going to miss him.
Well, at least he can still come back as a guest :(
That's too bad to hear, but just because he's not a regular doesn't mean he won't be back at all. I bet we see him a couple times.
Hopefully he makes a guest appearance to before the series finale.
Too bad to hear that. But at the end of the day I still prefer the role Joshua Jackson plays as Peter Bishop. But indeed who knows maybe Seth will return for one or two episodes.
Hope this doesn't mean we won't see "the other side" again. They can always use the "sorry, he's away in Japan/Patagonia" trick :D
Awww, and I wanted to see him get the girl! One of them anyway!
+Mike Minor - judging by Olivia Mk2 (don't like FakeLivia...) 's face when he stayed on her side, I think he did :)
Lincoln has been "Charlied"? Why does the show keep losing that supporting role?
I kinda suspected this. But this still means we'll see him atleast once or twice, right? It'd be cool if he and the other Olivia hooked up!
Will they open the bridge again? as it was healing the 'other side'
to open the bridge, Peter needs to go back into the doomsday machine! And I have a bad feeling about it
They don't need to open the bridge. They can show what's going on there without it like they did on season 3.
Because according to Nielsen ratings system, the show doesn't have a high number even for a Friday night. But because of the fans (all over the world), Fox and Warner decided to give it a final season for a closure.
I like Lincoln.  I miss his counterpart in the series.  I'm going to miss him.  Yay to him and the other Olivia.
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