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Fringe - Episode 4x19 "Letters of Transit" Discussion Here

What Did You Think of Tonight's Episode of #Fringe ?
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Holy smokes. Best episode of the season. Heck, maybe the best of the last couple seasons.
Goin straight back REALLY?! WTF! LOVE this show......
Anyone thought the episode was kind of slow. In previous episodes, the drama was already moving by like the 5 minute mark, this was like at the 40 minute? I knew that the new girl kind of looked like Olivia, or it could have been her niece. But it was nice that they confirmed it that Olivia and Peter finally got together.
Great episode, and you kind of figured Henrietta was Peter and Olivia's daughter very early on with the blonde hair and blue eyes ala Olivia and her "special gift".
Honestly, I am surprise that there would be a part 2 of this, probably leading to the season finale, or will they return to prime timeline. Oh by the way I can't believe the Bellie survived the return of the group from season 2.
I think I read last week that tonight was laying the ground work for a major piece of the story line for next season. Hope we get another episode of it though this year.
These are not the droids u r looking for. . .....move along
From what I read this opens the storyline for Season5. That's why it feels like there is so much story to tell from tonight's show. Watching it again now!
I also took it as a positive sign for next year that Fox ran a commercial for a fringe fan fest this summer. Don't know why they would do that if they weren't going to give it some type of renewal.
havent seen the latest episode yet, have it on sky plus
I am amazed at the writing of these episodes....I mean...they manage to hook you with these where you want this to never end!! I so loved this introduces a whole new timeline, story, people (OMG ..dreamboat Iain C.) can Fox NOT renew this show???
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I think Walker is now who he was trying not to become. Why didn't he try to free Peter?
Absolutely amazing episode! Fringe is by far the best show on tv! It's a disgrace that they're even considering canceling it. It doesn't get any better than Fringe, especially tonight's episode!
September will come back again, he will find a way...
Awesome episode!! The best episode of the season. This had to be the story line for next season. I think this was their way of telling us there will be another season. It has to be the storyline of the last three years. Great twist with Peter and Oliva's daughter even if it was kind of easy to figure out.
Wow, Fringe never ceases to amaze me! Fox just can't cancel such an awesome and imaginative show!
My favorite line from Walter: "this aren't the Droids you're looking for"
just finished watching this fabulous episode! and wow... they did such an awesome job on this one, this could easily been a great #Fringe movie!! Can't wait to hear about the renewal so we can find out how exactly they ended up ambered and what happened to Olivia.
Can't wait to rewatch this in HD 720p later today!!
OMG What the hell just happened the episode was just great I mean so many more questions to think about how did bell get back in the timeline what did he do to Olivea can't wait for the next episode and bring on season five.
That was one of the best episodes yet. I think I liked it even better the second time through. I want to know what happened to Olivia, I'm really hoping she's not dead. Season 5 will be epic, if it happens. Right now the preview for next week looks great, can't wait to see all the cast back in action together.
So many new questions! What did Bellie do to Olivia and where is she? Season 5 needs a full 22 episodes to explore this new story!
Last night was one of my favorite episodes. Besides, having Walter, I got to see one of my LOST favorites, Henry Ian Cusick, on screen again.
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Didn't Broilse look freaky with the old man make up.
The BladeRunner-like intro was a nice touch too.
Good episode, I'm also wondering what happened to Olivia. If next season is renewed are we going to have half in the future half in the present or completely the future? 
Very well episode! It was 42mins? Felt like 15 :o Best show!
Another nice reference : "I am not a number - I am a free man !"
("The Prisoner")
Fantastic episode, I will have to see it again.
+Luke Slusser some hints on Olive... we didn't see her in the amber but we did see Belly. Walter was furious at Belly, so much so that he cut off his hand instead of getting him out of the amber. Henrietta was wearing a damaged bullet on her necklace. Peter didn't mention her when he realized who Etta was. I'm not gonna say what my guess is.

Fav line was Walter quoting Star Wars. I practically fell off the couch laughing when he delivered it so seriously. John Noble is amazing!
That was awesome!!! I like Fridays more and more :)
Well, September did tell Olivia that she needed to die, back in "back to where you've never been"
Was it "she needed to die"? Or that all outcomes had her dying?
The Observer told her that he had reviewed all possible futures and she (Olivia) has to die. So she doesn't necessarily die in every one but for the success of the future she needs to die. At least that was my take on why he said that
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So then if there is a season 5, Olivia won't be in it.
Just read someone at GetGlue mention that William Bell was in a "pushing" position in the amber. Perhaps he pushed Olivia out of the amber?
I noticed that as well and wondered about it. But then quickly forgot as I was trying to see who all was in the amber and when Walter had Bellies hand cut off
I also wanted to say that I normally don't do Slash (is that even the right term?), but can definitely see a budding romance between Astrid and Simon (if he gets out of the Amber). There was no reason for coming up with this, and the episode went nowhere near there.
+Henry A. Otero I noticed the pushing as well and wondered what that was about. I keep going back to the fact that Etta's pendant was a bullet. So was Olive shot and then pushed out by Belly? I'm going to watch the episode again and see if I get any new insights
+Nicole Reynolds true about the bullet. I just thought the "pushing" thing was an interesting observation. Walter is fixing Nena's arm right now (I'm re-watching it)
This episode was awesome.Walter line of the season - "these aren't the droids you're looking for". The ep was so good.
Liza M
In reference to September's comment about "all possible futures".... I wonder if he was talking about only futures that lead to the existence of (and take over by) The Observers
It's definitely my favorite of this season! Hoping we get to connect the events with a Season 5 renewal!!!
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