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If you've seen last night's #Fringe Season Finale check out this article! Haven't watched the episode? Then you don't want to read it just yet ;) Keep in mind... Recaps & Reviews usually contain SPOILERS! #BuildABetterWorld
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Fact: excellent article for an excellent season finale, everthing else would be inappropriate!
I wonder what he means by scenes shot that were used in a different context!
And btw, I have to put it out somewhere, but why are the Observers all male??
I for one am satisfied with this season final and a lot of questions I had got answered last night. But now i'm wondering how did Bell know that this particular glyph would freeze September (observers) from moving?
Bell died of cancer.. the Bell we saw was a younger Bell that has traveled through time. He can obviously travel through time since he was in the 419 episode and he knew about the glyphs and how the observers work..
sage s
I called the whole Phoenix thing.
My vote is that most of next season is in the future.
Also I thought people on Earth were taken by surprise by the Observer invasion in 2015. But now that September warns Walter, it changes everything, and also they have two years head start. And they might start making preparations to destroy the Observers or something along the lines. The machine which Walter refers to in 4x19 might be a part of the plan.

But right now, the question would be how much of season 5 takes place before the events of 4x19!
+Uday Kanth I think it would be awesome if we switched back and forth from current to future like we did between universes. That is one of my hopes for next season.
Hope we get to see the Red universe next season
+Arthur Shorts Yes! I just want to see Fauxlivia and Lincoln Lee again! I don't care much about Walternate, though.

Also, is it safe to assume that the Red-verse is safe from the Observer invasion?
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