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Ryan Mahar
Practicing Life. Exploring Earth.
Practicing Life. Exploring Earth.

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Wowza. Such a different feel.

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I use and love this lock for both biking and backpacking.

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Empire cafe... exceptional as always.

Hey there I'm agent Zionicon.

EN- 9 currently

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Yay pandas!
A 9-meter-high panda covered with iron is seen in front of Uni Park on May 7, 2015 in Shenyang, Liaoning province of China. An Iron Panda, which is 9-meter high and 7-meter wide, is on display in northwest China's Shenyang. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

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I have watched this video about 5 times already. Love the engineering behind this, +SmarterEveryDay!

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I am really enjoying the view this gives of the game.  Viva Humanity!

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Love knows no Faction bounds. Protect your Portal gems with AXA Shields.

#AXAProtects  +AXA Insurance 

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So true.

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NASA Visualization Shows Polar Vortex Hitting The U.S.

"The Big Chill - Blistering cold air from the Arctic plunged southward this winter, breaking U.S. temperature records. A persistent pattern of winds spins high above the Arctic in winter. The winds, known as the polar vortex, typically blow in a fairly tight circular formation. But in late December 2013 and early January 2014, the winds loosened and frigid Arctic air spilled farther south than usual, deep into the continental United States. On Jan. 6, 2014, alone, approximately 50 daily record low temperatures were set, from Colorado to Alabama to New York, according to the National Weather Service. In some places temperatures were 40 degrees Fahrenheit colder than average."


Download images and video here:

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Animated Photo

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Couldn't have put it better myself. 
NASA has always been on the frontier of technology and space exploration, but a fact that some may not realize is that a result of that leads to more economic growth. NASA isn’t so much as expenditure as it is an investment, as Neil deGrasse Tyson points out. Not only do innovations arise from solving the challenges of space exploration, but they also reveal a culture and society that join together because they were participants in that frontier.
There’s actually a journal NASA puts out each year called Spinoff, which discusses all the patents, innovations, and discoveries that became commercial products with the help of NASA. You can download or order one here
It’s amazing to meet and see all the passionate NASA fans, enthusiasts, and employees. They all mean a lot to us and we need to let them know that we can help them by encouraging Congress to increase NASA’s budget. Let’s be bold and try and make 2014 the year Congress hears Penny4NASA.

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