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Goodbye, Google+. Facebook's Timeline just absolutely beat the crap out of you.
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Can't say I've been doing a lot on here... So there's not much to quit.
There is a lot of gays who switch between everyting when a tiny feature changes somewhere :) They are called as prostitutes :D
Knee jerk reactions are just that.. This war has barely begun. It is quite likely that entirely something unknown at this point wins the war.
+Crit Van Tuyl I think nailed it here. Besides, as much as I think Timeline is nifty and purty, I'm actually more on the verge of deleting or cleaning out my FB profile than ever before. Facebook took the data they already had, on a profile page that already existed, and boxed it differently. It's not revolutionary. Evolutionary maybe, but clearly G+ could imitate it if it's that killer of a feature. As for the social wars, Open Graph is a far bigger threat than Timeline.
I think you should stick with it. G+ is starting to play a pretty integral part on SERPs.
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