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Sean Stanhill
English Educator, RPCV Philippines, shutterbug, computer nerd, guitar player.
English Educator, RPCV Philippines, shutterbug, computer nerd, guitar player.

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Once you go Chrome, you never go home
Isn't that how it goes? As part of my enrollment in Bethel University's Master of Education program, I received a Chromebook. I've been wanting one for probably about a year now but could never justify buying one as it would never serve as my main computer....

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Feeding my Aperture Library to Google Photos
I have two cameras: my iPhone and a Canon 450D DSLR. I have two photo libraries: Apple's new Photos app (and its iCloud Photo Library feature) and Aperture. Since the introduction of Photostream, I have kept my photography siloed with my iPhone snapshots go...

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Google Photos for iOS "Preparing Backup" For Hours
It looks like I'm not the only one having trouble with Google's new Photos app for both iPhone and iPad. I let my iPhone sit over night, the constant spinning of a circle letting me know that Google Photos was preparing my backup. As I woke up this morning,...

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I never meant to become a teacher. In fact, it was my intention to be somewhere in the IT world ever since I was a sophomore in high school. But there have been three outcomes in my life–guidance by a sort of invisible hand–that shoved me down a career…

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I challenge you to think of a day sometime in the last five years or so that Google did not affect some aspect of your life. Maybe you did a Google Search for Black Friday deals or double checked the best way to brine a turkey before roasting. But let’s…

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Walden by Henry David Thoreau recounts two years, two months and two days that the author spent in the woods near the pond after which the book was named. Starting on July 4th, 1845, Thoreau set out to the woods, leaving behind a newspaper job, a house…

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Check out this #photosphere of a giant Buddhist temple in the mountains of Cheonan, Dongnam-gu, Korea

Happy Birthday +Hayoung Kwon! May your muesli never get soggy!

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Last Day at School
Ok, so here I am dusting this thing off for possibly one last post. It's hard to know how to finish these things, last posts and such. But I guess I just wanted this to serve more as a marker than a post. A statement to the time-stamping powers that be that...

Check out this #photosphere of my school! I used Google's new photo app for it.
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