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A potentially deadly bacteria that thrives in warm saltwater has infected at least seven people and killed two so far this year in #Florida, a state health official said today.
What you should know about a potentially dangerous bacteria.
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***WARNING - BAIT AND SWITCH*** DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY!!! Beware of the lack of integrity and business ethics of this dealership. They will lie, lie, lie and get there way each time. They practice false advertisement like it was good manners. They place online "deals" to get you interested and then change it in your face even though you have proof of the advertisement. We responded to an ad for 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5s priced at $16,997 with 0% interest...well, one there, we were shown the vehicle..with NO STEREO!!! Just an empty space where the stereo was supposed to be...when I asked about the stereo, the response was that they do that "all the time". Very bluntly, the sales person (hopefully he won't be terminated for this) explained this is their way of getting customers in, but once they show the advertised vehicle with cosmetic defects (that they intentionally cause), the customer (usually) becomes uninterested and they move on to the "real sale". UNBELIEVABLE!!! The GM, Dennis S., lacks business acumen and is rude if you call him out on his scams. After showing him the ad because they wanted to charge more plus interest, he still looked me straight in the face and said "I post the ads, so I know..." - basically saying I was wrong (even wth proof in my hand). The vehicle was not sold at the price nor interest advertised and it was sold as NEW without the stereo. And they had the audacity of asking the "special" price of $500 to install the stereo since "normally" they charge $1,500. Well, Mr. Sledge...."Normally" a new vehicle is sold WHOLE and not with missing manufactured installed BASIC parts such as a radio!!! BEWARE AND DON'T FALL FOR THEIR ADS!!!! They will advertise deals to get you in, then show you the unimpressive advertised vehicle that is either scratched, missing parts (an entire stereo that they intentionally take out), defective paint, etc. to discourage you from buying and then show you what they really want you to buy - a more expensive vehicle). VERY UNETHICAL dealership - very unfortunate that they are still in business after practicing so many scams, perhaps, even illegal practices. Be careful and go elsewhere!!! It wouldn't surprise me to see a falsified "ethical" response with their clarification or "reasons" for why my complaint/rating isn't valid. It's the only thing Nissan Stone Mountain has been good at - making excuses for their bad business practices. Every complaint gets shot down and rarely validated. I'd love to see what response they'll post to this rating. My jaw drops with disbelief at how evil and unethical this dealership is in their responses to their shady practices. SMH.
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Never again! I would give ZERO stars if I could. It appears this dentist is using Groupon as an excuse for poor service. I purchased the "Zoom" Whitening...customer beware it is s false claim - it's probably a generic gel applied for 45 minutes, no other procedure. The dentist has the worst people skills, making one feel as if taking something from her. She is very cold, short and just sea you as if you're a nobody. Not one smile or introduction, nothing. $155 is still a hefty price to pay to go sit down, unattended, in pain with ZERO results - after driving for almost 2hrs to get there (for the servings time because they failed to confirm an appointment time I wasn't given!!). Al for nothing. I got ZERO results with, whatever that gel was, because it wasn't ZOOM. That's for sure. Worst customer service from scheduling to the end. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!
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Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
I've been here 4 times - giving the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, each time ice been very disappointed. Not only do they not greet you and provide friendly service, but the ingredients are less than fresh. We asked for steak and they just liked at each other and said there was none. Ah, but one customer later, the steak was out and cooking. I've always felt unwelcome and the food is not good at all. Maybe they're just racist?
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Best hot and sour soup ever! All food is fresh!
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
9 reviews
Service is OK, but food and show is NOT great at all! Food lacks quality and taste and the show, well...if igniting the grill is as interesting as it gets - VERY expensive disappointment.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Unprofessional, Uncaring - over a year and not one time have I had the opportunity to speak, let alone, meet Ruben Cruz. Over a year and I've had to make all the calls to figure out the status of my case. They claim they will help you on the way, nothing could be further from the truth. I lost my position at work and had no income, they didn't care nor offered any assistance or guidance. My calls were never returned my emails were never answered. If you choose to use their services, be prepared to feel lost and frustrated. You'll just be another money sign in their eyes. Unprofessional all around. I wouldn't recommend this law firm to anyone.
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Not for deposits. Only withdraws.
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reviewed 3 years ago