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Here's a post explaining to local businesses that Home is not a title tag!

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Do you ask/solicit reviews from your customers on your website?

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Are you listening Google?????
Google Places Bug Makes Listings Disappear for 6-10 Weeks! They call this a HICCUP???

What other company on earth besides Google, can tell customers, “Sorry we had a ‘hiccup’. Your business may recover in 6 – 10 weeks.”

SERIOUSLY! 6 – 10 weeks??? Who can get away with that? Free service or no, Google Places needs to get it’s act together!

Important info about GP update cycles, critical theories about bugs, the Places “sandbox”, pending review and more toward bottom of this long post.

CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE IMAGE that illustrates many of the other Google bugs and problems.

Got my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone and heading too...WordCamp Boston. Hope to meet people like me :)

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Anyone going to WordCamp Boston?

Anyone going to WordCamp Boston this weekend? Really looking forward to seeing people there and the sessions.

Watching Sunday Morning on CBS -- it's an animal special. The segment on walking cats on leashes to combat kitty obesity, gave me and Dad a good laugh!

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Day spent with family and friends yesterday. Another hot day means floating around in the pool again today...after a nice swim.

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Been putting together a playlist of cover songs. Any suggestions appreciated
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