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Totally forgot about the Big Pig Festival in Taiwan. Some of these pigs can get upwards of 1900 lbs or more.

Threw up a little remembering them butchering one of these pigs while I was in attendance.

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Gary Snyder reading from RipRap and then talking about some of his works over the last 60 years of writing. He's one of my favorite living poets.

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Both +Stephane Delbecque and I feel we lost a few minutes of the day reading this article on the decline of design in America.

I had high hopes for the article upon reading the title, but after the first paragraph the rest of the article was largely downhill for me. Once he started tearing down Microsoft's metro UI I knew he was rather full of it. That UI is rather impressive considering Microsoft's history of design flubs and mistakes.

He's also forgotten the contributions of Jonathan Ives at Apple. What he's contributed in leading the teams at Apple in creating the iPad, iPhone, and many other consumer electronics is quite an accomplishment.

It's worth a skim, but not really worth a long time in digesting everything the writer presents.

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I think this is one of the coolest thinks I've found on the web in the last few days. It's bizarre and educational at the same time.

I've always been a big fan of Isabella Rosellini's work since I watched Blue Velvet as a teenager.

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I'm always amazed at finding brilliantly done photos on Flickr only to find they've only been viewed a couple of times and some rather inane and borderline crap shot has hundreds if not thousands of views.

How hard is it to get the best to the top and discard the rest? On Flickr, seemingly quite difficult it seems.

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This is actually quite cool.
Nifty! --> Interactive map w/scrolling timeline featuring photos of San Francisco, from 1850 to today.

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This notion of "filter bubbles" is something a couple of friends and I discovered last year when researching a few topics related to China and Chinese politics.

It's worth evaluating where and from whom we're getting our information about the world.

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No one ever believes me that the shores of Lake Michigan are some of the prettiest beaches my wife and I have been to in the world, especially during summer.

Sleeping Bear Dunes was only a couple hours north of where I grew up. And yes, they're pretty damn big to climb.

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This site on San Francisco probably isn't for everyone, but some of the stuff is interesting for those who live and have lived in the city.

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I had watched this documentary a few years ago. One can watch it and download it for free from this site.
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