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Throw Back Thursday - Fuerteventura 2012
This time we are visiting Fuerteventura 2012. We took our 2012 summer holiday to Fuerteventura. We had never been there before and it was beautiful.  We arrived at our hotel in the middle of the day and checked in. It was peaceful by the pool, as no one was...

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Throw Back Thursday - India 2010
Welcome back to Throw Back Thursday, this time I am taking us back to India 2010.  Me with my rucksack at Heathrow airport. I took my rucksack with me as I took a suitcase with me when I visited in 2009 and it was a pretty scary experience.  After spending ...

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OOTD - May 31st 2015
Like with a lot of posts recently I have not done an OOTD post in a while. Yesterday was a cold day in Montreal, I had to dig out my jumper, tights and boots. In the morning I went shopping to the Dollar store to pick up a few bits and then went out into th...

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Throw Back Thursday - India 2009
It's throw back Thursday time again. This time we are visiting India 2009. We travelled to Delhi for our friends wedding. We met our friend when studying our masters at LSE.  The food on the plane was delicious. I recommend flying Air India just for the foo...

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I visited Bath and Body Works again!
I have not been to Bath and Body Works for a while now and decided to go take a look last week. Having not been in there since Christmas. I wander around the store smelling all the wonderful summer smells and found the bag above full of the items below. The...

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer in Montreal
I can't believe that only a month ago Montreal looked like this. So cold and covered in snow.  Winter in Montreal seemed to last forever, the snow arrived at some time in November and finally went away in April.  As the snow began to melt I decided to take ...

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The swings are back!
21 Balançoires/21 Swings at Quartier des Spectacles April 14th to 31st May and 6th August to 18th October. I found out about these swings last year, but wasn't in Montreal when they were out. I am so pleased to have experienced them.  Each swing is a differ...

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A day out in Montreal
Last Sunday the summer arrived in Montreal. WHOO! It was 24 degrees. In the morning we helped our friend move from her mums to her new place in the Plateau. After we helped her move we explored the Plateau. Our original plan was to go to Tam Tams but we got...

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Dinette Triple Crown
Last Sunday we went to one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal - Dinette Triple Crown.  We arrived in the restaurant to find no one eating in there and the staff frantically cooking in the kitchen. I love the decor in DTC - it's very retro and looks coo...

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Where I have been
Let me fill you in where I have been. I started off the year really well and blogged everyday till March 1st. I do this every year and by March I get distracted and blogging takes a back seat. I visited my parents in the UK for all of February and most of M...
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