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Online Marketing and E Commerce Specialist

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Sorry, but I hate articles like this. Of course Content Is King. It's not just another component of SEO, no more important than links. Without content, what are you linking to? A blank page with no content is very unlikely to rank for a thing - even with a million backlinks. Millions of pages that have no backlinks at all rank very high, although usually for rather noncompetitive terms. It starts with content; without it, there is no kingdom.

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Sorry, but everything in this article defies rational thinking. Stating that it is fine for Google to dominate in ad position #1 for anything where they have a product because they are paying more for those ads than anybody else is incomprehensible to me. THEY ARE PAYING THEMSELVES! Truly a bizarre rationale.

Of course, I have no problem with it either way. It's their website; they should be able to do whatever they want with it. Making them show other websites' ads ahead of their own makes no more sense than someone telling me I have to show competitors' products on my product pages.

Likewise, I disagree with the notion that if they were doing it with organic search, that WOULD be a problem. When you are paying yourself, doesn't it amount to the same thing? When it is your site, shouldn't you be able to do anything you want with it?

This whole entitled, "it's not fair" mentality needs to stop. If you aren't happy with the way Google does things, stop using them or build your own damn search engine!

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Finally got around to adding a board selection table to help people choose the best stand up paddle board to buy.

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Finally finished writing the first, fully comprehensive review of the core #StoreCoach #eCommerce training course. This is a very detailed look "under the hood"

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The first in a series I will be posting throughout the week about the newest Store Coach eCommerce training course

Memo To Google - K.I.S.S.

The more people I coach about setting up eCommerce businesses, the more I am convinced that Google is only making 20-30% of the money they could be making.

Google makes every single thing so convoluted, the vast majority of small business owners simply throw up their hands and say "this is too complicated." Or, they try to set up a campaign, do it incorrectly, lose their shirts overnight and are done with Google advertising forever.

Think I'm wrong, Google? Explain why there are hundreds of other websites that have put up their own tutorials - some good, some bad (none as bad as yours, though) - about how to set up things like Google Shopping campaigns, AdWords campaigns or Google re-targeting campaigns. When other websites have to show people how to spend money with you, you're definitely doing something wrong!

To make matters worse, every six months you change the entire interface on practically every one of your properties. This means all of the tutorials that other people have written for your products have to be re-written. Some sites will continue to play the catch-up game. Others just say "screw it; I'm tired of re-writing this. Let Google fend for themselves."

It also doesn't help when you decide to rename things. What genius over there decided that renaming the Google Keyword Tool or Webmaster Tools would have the least bit of positive effect on the world or, more importantly, your business?

Do you really think the average person realizes they have to set up five different Google services just to run a shopping campaign correctly (Gmail, Merchant Center, AdWords, Search Console, Google Analytics)? That's insane!

Do yourself (and your shareholders) a favor and figure out how to make your moneymakers - Google Shopping and Google Adwords - far more simple to set up and manage. Get rid of all the extra bells and whistles and make them easy enough a monkey could understand and be profitable with those platforms. For those who enjoy all of the bells and whistles, let them access them via an Advanced Tools section that the average Joe will never use or understand. Until then, you will forever be leaving far more money on the table than you are earning.

Stop remaking things; stop changing the interfaces every time the wind switches direction; stop making instructions so complicated, you need two dozen internal links within them to explain what should all be apparent in one place. Utilize the time you are wasting on prettying up your interfaces on something real - improving the experience for the little guy who does not have the time or patience to try to figure out your business - he/she's trying to run one of his/her own! Just keep it simple. Right now, you're just being plain old stupid!

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My wife has been chomping at the bit, waiting for the Shaun T CIZE dance workout program to be released. It's finally available and she ordered it. That'll keep her busy (meaning a shorter honey-do list for me) for at least a month!

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Gutfeld's got it partially right. It's definitely about the tax money and Big Tobacco money the government is losing but it's also all about the money the pharmaceutical and health care industry are losing because of #ecigarettes. Less money made on pharmaceutical smoking cessation products, less money made on stop smoking programs and less money filling beds with cancer patients - something that pharmaceutical solutions have never been a real threat to. That also equates to less money given to political campaigns of those who aren't trying to outlaw e-cigs from politicians' two biggest contributors - Big Pharma and the health care industry. When it comes to government, it's always about the money. Their job is to create the spin that makes it seem like they are they are looking out for the public's interests instead of their own!

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Instantly Profitable eCommerce Website
NFC Performance is selling their extremely profitable dropship eCommerce website via a Dutch Auction -

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