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Zeroline Golf introduces Golf MTRx to measure & correct over rotation & other swing faults.
Zeroline Golf introduces Golf MTRx to measure & correct over rotation & other swing faults.

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Golf MTRx on the App Store℠
Golf MTRx is an iPhone/iPod touch app designed to measure your hip mechanics during a golf swing.  The app displays precise and relevant biomechanics data in a visually simple and intuitive format to help the golfer learn and improve. 

***Buy Golf MTRx on the App Store℠
Pelvis Turn
Golf MTRx conducts motion analysis by measuring angular rotation of your pelvis during the backswing, impact and follow-through.  Knowing how these numbers affect your swing will make you a better player.
Golf MTRx shows your acceleration and deceleration in kd/s/s (thousand degrees per second per second). 
Golf MTRx captures the rotational speed of the pelvis in degrees per second (d/s). 
Analysis (MTRx Score)
Instantly analyzes data and provides a MTRx Score with a graphical and numerical representation of the swing, highlighting the areas of weakness and prescribing specific drills for what ails your swing.
The golfer will be able to view their swing MTRx and compare it to their previous swings or swing examples already stored on the app. 

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from our Co-Founder Devin Fitzmaurice and the entire +Zeroline Golf Team!

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How to Get Explosive Club Head Speed by Sequencing Better
Great to see Golf MTRx mentioned in this video!  Using our app and want to learn more about proper sequencing?  Check out this video from Golf Instruction and Clay Ballard "The Lag Doctor" discussing the kinematic sequence, deceleration and acceleration through the swing; as well as best drills for power.
Video only available for 2 days -- watch now!

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Welcome to all of the new Golf MTRx app customers this week!
Check out our website to see tools to help your game 

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On Twitter today +Mark Crossfield @4GolfOnline said that Golf MTRx by +Zeroline Golf  "has to be one of the best golf apps for any golfer trying to improve."    
Mark has over 34 million +YouTube  views of his golf training on the link and check out some of his videos using Golf MTRx - thanks Mark!  
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Is it still Monday? A little golf fun from our friends at Golf Cheapskate to start the week off.... 

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**Throwback Thursday**
Last year at this time +Zeroline Golf  received one of our first Golf MTRx reviews from The Sand Trap.  "Like A Personal Golf Coach In Your Pocket" ≈ overview of how the golf app was designed to help you understand and improve your swing starting from your hips! 

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Perfect day -- a round in the morning followed by the big game on one television and Phoenix Open on the other?  

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Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVIII?:
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