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OSDC Nordic 2015
After I finished the Outreach Program for Women (OPW) or now is known as Outreachy program in August 2014, I moved to Germany to study my master degree.  I was busy with my first semester of study, so unfortunately that I didn't have much time to do coding ...

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That's cool ! luv it :)

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My first Perl event in sponsorship of the Enlightened Perl Organisation in Send-a-Newbie award to attend YAPC::ASIA 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.
YAPC::ASIA Tokyo 2014
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A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA
I had a chance to attend YAPC::ASIA as
a Send-a-Newbie awardee from the Enlightened Perl Organisation (EPO). It was the first time that the awardee is sent the the Perl
event in Asia. The event was held on August 28-30, 2014 in Tokyo,
Japan. It also was the...

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OPW Ending for Beginning
The Outreach Program for Women #8 has
been ended for days in August 18 th . This is probably my
last work report. Although, the program is finished but my work
hasn't finished yet not only because I got trouble of my internet
connection for few days last we...

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Work report and new MetaCPAN result page sketch.
Last week I worked on API Document
reorganizing, it sounds simple but not for me because in order to
arrange it we should understand the content especially technical
content. I spent a while to understand the document and how the API
works. Finally it has ...

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Work report and a lovely story.
Most of my work in past 2 weeks is fix
the existing issue and improve code quality. I have 2 major tasks that needed to be
done first which are Bootstrap upgrading and Open ID login. The Bootstrap almost completely done
waiting for code review but for the O...

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Obstacle in half way of OPW.
Now, I have been working on week 8 of The Outreach Program for Women program with proposal to work on the index issue of MetaCPAN search. But my timeline a bit messed up now since the time block has been split into Bootstrap upgrading and fixing the broken ...

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Bootstrap 3 migration and some funny ideas.
I have spending a week to upgrade Bootstrap from version 2 to 3, although it wasn’t in my original proposal but it is my new purpose to work on that because I think we could move to future and it is time consumed task resulted in no one has time to do it bu...
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