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How to put on a no tie, Cross Back Apron
Here is a little, amateurish video that I put together for those of you having issues with putting on one of my no tie, cross back aprons.  I have been trying to find a plus size model, locally and have this video professionally made, but the model situatio...

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Test, this is only a test

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New No Tie, Crossback Apron Style now available in Plus Size only
This year I will introduce two new no tie, crosssback apron styles for the plus size woman. The first one is now available at my website or my etsy shop .  This style comes in either a ruffled or no ruffle o...

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Another Year
Whew! I’ve gotten through another holiday season!   It was good but exhausting.   I was really happy to see that orders peaked
alot earlier this year and more people ordered in November so there weren’t so
many last minute orders.   I’ve been catching my

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Gardening, Egg Gathering, Vendor Aprons Style Change
I’ve changed the design of the egg gathering apron. I am no longer making it with a 3 rd fabric for the ties and with the slide adjustment for the neck tie, I’m only going to be making them with the side channels and the narrow tie matches the twill fabric....

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Discontinuing some aprons styles
    I’m discontinuing several apron styles and most of them are
discounted to that I can move out of inventory the ones that I made for the
pictures.   This is a great time to either
pick up an apron for you or as a gift.   You
can see them either at my web...

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Online Shopping .......
  As a shopper, sometimes online shopping just drives me
crazy.   I find something that I think I
really want, but there aren’t enough pictures to show all views or details and
the description leaves something to be desired.     This problem has given me

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The Future of TimelessAprons
As I’ve aged and gotten closer to retirement, I’ve been
thinking about what to do with my business of TimelessAprons.   I had thought that I would wait a few more
years but with business falling off so badly I think I will go more of the
semi-retired state ...

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Stay Updated with New Styles, Fabrics and Specials ....
I've become more involved with my facebook page so I will probably only be posting here once or twice a month with a summary.  If you want a current notice either Like or Follow me on Facebook (the link is in the right column or search Timelessaprons) ... I...

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Handmade at Amazon
After months of waiting, Amazon has finally allowed us Pioneer Sellers to get into our shops to start setting it up. No launch date yet!!!!! But they have a Artisan Profile page that they want us to upload pictures of our Shops, ha!!!   so for awhile I had ...
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