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Know the steps to take after a crash
Read this article if you wonder what you should do after an accident. Understanding how to react after a crash, what to say and the right people to call, can protect you legally. It may help to include emergency information and copies of medical insurance cards in your vehicle so emergency responders will be informed of your health care if you are incapacitated. You may also wish to contact a personal injury attorney after a collision.

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Pedestrians in Hartford County most at risk
A new study revealed that Hartford County is the most dangerous place in Connecticut for pedestrians. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident, you will want to be sure to check out this article.

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Impaired Driving and Commercial Drivers
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is serious about wanting to improve safety on the roads in Hartford and around the country. They are instituting a program to curb drunk and drugged driving among people with commercial drivers’ licenses. Learn about how the new system will work and what drivers and employers will be required to do.
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