The easiest way to become irrelevant is to stop

I read an interview with George Clooney from The Australian yesterday. Unfortunately you have to log-in to read most of the article (I had the print version), but here are a few highlights -->

*So how does he deal with universal adulation? "By feeling like I am undeserving, that you can't believe your luck when they're nice to you."

*"I fear death like most people, but I'm a realist: I thought, 'Well, you can die young or live long enough to watch your friends die'. It doesn't end well whatever." He laughs. "Having understood that -- and that is the driving force of my life -- it made me go, 'You must attack life and not get dragged into things that mean nothing'.

*As for the future: "Every time you see a retired person they seem to play golf and die. I have no interest in that shit. This is fun, but I'm terrified of the moment when you're the guy who goes to the studio and says, 'Hey, I've got this idea', and they're like, 'Thanks for stopping by', and you walk out and they roll their eyes. The easiest way to become irrelevant is to stop. You have to reinvent yourself."
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