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I began building gaming machines in 2007 with the best equipment available to me at the best cost.  (Im just an avg inc person).  The goal was to teach myself about a computer from the inside out.  The great thing was, everything i needed to know was all on the web.  I also went to a bookstore and purchased a book which helped even more.  I realized almost anyone could buy PC parts and assemble a serious high perf machine!  I was able to do it on avg for about $600-700 too which was very affordable.  Ive used ASUS graphic cards, Lian Li alum cases, Quad core Intel or AMD cpu's, tried many diff types of RAM and a few diff company's motherboards.  I enjoy role-playing games such as The Witcher and Dragon Slayer.  However I like scaring myself as well, lol, and am open to shooters which do so (mot military).  You'd assume Im a young kid with a lot of time on my hands and a geek.  While the latter is true, Im a 50 y.o. adult, work full-time and simply wanted to learn something new. :)  I began this community to locate others having fun with computers, games and looking for suggestions on equipment, good e-tailing sites (ive used most of the best) and where best deals are.  If you enjoy any of this too, here's an opportunity to share... 
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Firstly, I was impressed by the chef's personal visits to tables to inquire if they enjoyed the meal, the home made bread was delicious even w/out butter! You notice right away how popular this place is and there is a well populated presence. The tables are 2-person type set up against a cushioned, long wall-mounted seating situation. Personally, i enjoy the comfort and privacy of a booth but it was certainly comfortable enough and the food made it worth the trade-off. They actually take reservations which seems to be rarer these days. There is a trendy bar for those looking for that sort of thing, my divorced co-worker and her pals love it. The food however is wonderful and I think fairly priced for the effort and good ingredients its created with. I ordered the Bolognese w/home made pasta it was $19 for ex-to me that's reasonable. My sister ordered the cod dish which wasnt much more, we split both to try two entrees, for a nice restaurant...they actually give soda refills and chg under $2, that's xtremely rare! To cap it all off, we split a dessert which was to die for..a chocolate glazed top frosting with a choc creamed filling layered between. I went to heaven with that..simply delicious-like south end Hartford Ital bakery delicious! Oh I forgot the scrumptious bib-lettuce gorgonzola salad w/nice light dressing at $7, what a bargain. So frankly, great place, blue-back sq shops near downtown area where its located near CVS. Cheap public pkg behind the bldg you can cross through an alley way safely. And its a nice date place, if youre looking to impress someone with your culinary taste. Now, if you are looking for cheaper, mass quantity and family joint, hit Bertucci or Unos where there's tons of food cheap. But if you want a unique experience, exc wait staff, personable touch w/chef-owner, top notch-hand made, locally grown produce and nice ambience, this is the spot! Hope this review helps..i am very picky and I can say, Trevas passed my test.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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