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Approve Workflow by Code x++
WorkflowWorkItemTable WorkflowWorkItemTable;     while select WorkflowWorkItemTable     where         WorkflowWorkItemTable.UserId == ''     &&  workflowWorkItemTable.Type == WorkflowWorkItemType::WorkItem     &&  workflowWorkItemTable.Status == Wor...

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CIL generation errors and solutions
thansks blog.. Fix some errors from: CIL generation, Database Synchronize in AX 2012 1.) "A parameter could not be serialized": For a quick resolve: uncheck option "Excute ...

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Email drill-down link not working
Copy the AxHLink.Exe...

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Document Attachment through X++
static void hb_attach(Args _args)


DocuRef docuRef;

DocuActionArchive archive;

CustTable _custtable;

str _name;




select RecId from _custtable where _custtable.AccountNum =="M0001";


if (_custtable!=null)




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Get full physical path on attachment AX 2012
select firstOnly  DocuRef order by docuRef.RecId DESC     where         DocuRef.RefRecId     == 645484     &&  docuRef.RefTableId   == 56446     &&  docuRef.RefCompanyId == curext();     filename            =   DocuRef.completeFilename();

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Send event by x++
static void Event_sendAlertByCode(Args _args) {     EventNotificationSource _source;     EventNotification       event = EventNotification::construct(EventNotificationSource::Sync);     InventTable             inventTable;     ;     inventTable = InventTabl...

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Send mail with outlook
    Description255             recipientEmail;     Notes                            emailBody;     Description255             subjectText;     Filename                       fileName;     SmmOutlookEmail         smmOutlookEmail = new SmmOutlookEmail();     ...

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progressbar sample
static void operationProgress_progressBars(Args _args) { #AviFiles SysOperationProgress progress = new SysOperationProgress(); int i; ; progress.setCaption("Progress bar example…"); progress.setAnimation(#AviUpdate); progress.setTotal(10000);     progress.g...

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Kill the excel
System.Collections.IEnumerable processes;
System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator;
System.Diagnostics.Process process;

processes = System.Diagnostics.Process::GetProcessesByName("EXCEL");
enumerator = processes.GetEnumerator();

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