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Elliot Pace
Independent Flash and mobile game developer!
Independent Flash and mobile game developer!

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Idle, and why?... because botting is fun!
I want to share with you my motivation for making an idle game, a quickly growing genre in the past several years. These are games that do not require a lot of hands-on time to play. To me it just all comes down to one thing: progression . And steady progre...

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Global Game Jam 2017
Global Game Jam 2017 was recently held worldwide. The event just keeps getting bigger with more cities and locations participating each successive year. NYC alone had over 500 participants hosted in the Microsoft Building in Times Square. I showed up and co...

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Prototyping some interfaces
This is a stage of development where big decisions need to be made. I have to design the interface and most of the game design at the same time. I already have some idea of how this game will be played, by merging ideas from two existing games together: Cli...

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Basically all the characters for my "clicker/idle" game is finished, with various poses and animations. I've become more efficient using Clip Studio Paint, easily able to do line work and fills with shading in a simple two layer process. It's an excellent p...

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"Go Idle"
I have settled on making an "idle game" for my fifteenth project. Idle games are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They tend to be very basic and straight forward, where progress is gained over a long period of time. Generally people can play for as l...

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Adobe Animate CC and CocoonJS
Wow.. wow.. wow..! I downloaded the trial for the new Adobe Animate CC. Not only does it fully support HTML5, but it is fast . I took my HTML5 test project, uploaded it to  CocoonJS  and it spat out an Android APK app at full landscape resolution. It runs j...

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Dug Up Concept
I stumbled upon some old concept ideas I had laying around. These were made a couple years ago using art mostly from Zombie Tactics. It was a concept for a group based match-3 turn based game. It was never fully fleshed out. It may be a more decisive path o...

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Slot Machine RPG
I want to share a conceptual image showing a preview of what could be my next, 15th game: Which started as one of many crude sketches that depict a game screenshot: I find being very sloppy with drawings can help explore ideas. There is a great sense of fre...

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Ludum Dare 36
One of the most valid reasons to take a break from a big game project is to endure a game jam, ranging from a day to a week. The theme for Ludum Dare 36 was announced as "Ancient Technology", which received almost two thousand entries. I just so happened to...

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Art... and lots of it.
I have gone back to the study of art. My skill in human anatomy and gestures have been lacking. Also I'm looking to cease the vector art style that I have embraced for a long time. I want to do something very different that appeals to a smaller but more pas...
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