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Google Geek, Online Search Sanguine & Lover of Books
Google Geek, Online Search Sanguine & Lover of Books


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Thanks +Kristin Drysdale. Also see +Ammon Johns comments below the video on the pro's & cons of scaling.

He makes some key points that will help guide your own goals & plans for digital marketing business growth..
Life and SEO

This is what happens when Real SEOs get REAL.

+Ammon Johns, +Anton Shulke, +Craig Campbell, +Dawn Anderson, +Muamer Mujevic+Randy Milanovic, +Tim Capper, and certainly not least of these #DigitalMarketing  experts, is +Tony Dimmock... talking about what it's REALLY like to be an SEO.

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The Business of Digital Marketing

In a few days time, I'll be discussing the business of digital marketing and SEO with +WebPromoExperts (дистанционное обучение), +Tony Dimmock, +Dawn Anderson+Tim Capper, and +Craig Campbell  (couldn't originally find his G+ profile).

This is going to be a frank, no-hold-barred talk about all of the business issues of starting, running, growing, and managing a business in SEO or other forms of digital marketing (including social media management).

We'll talk about getting started, about getting clients, about managing clients, and of course, about pricing models. In essence, we'll talk about the Marketing of Marketing.

This should be the start of a very good discussion, and if you have specific questions you'd like answered, register for the event and post them on the page.

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The +Tony Dimmock Annotated SEO List of People to Follow
+Ammon Johns wanted a list of not just people to follow, but the reason why.
This is a Twitter list but it doesn't take much more than typing a name to find them on Google+.

People To Follow on Twitter

@Bill_Slawski– Semantic SEO, Machine Learning & Google Patents

@aaranged– Semantic SEO & Machine Learning

@dawnieando– Semantic SEO, Taxonomy, Ontology & Bot Crawl Optimisation

There are more resources from Tony at:
@DavidAmerland- Semantic SEO

@AlanBleiweiss– Forensic SEO Audits

@gfiorelli1– International SEO & Semantic SEO

@aleyda- International SEO & Keyword Research

@ZephSnapp- International SEO

@SEO_Copy- International SEO

@MaxMinzer– Local SEO & Google+ Community

@MikeRamsey- Business Building, Local SEO & Legal Marketing

@MBlumenthal– Local SEO

@CyrusShepard- Internet Marketing & SEO

@DocSheldon- Internet Marketing & SEO

@RandFish- Internet Marketing & SEO

@Ammon_Johns- Internet Marketing & SEO

@nick_eubanks- Internet Marketing, SEO & Keyword Research

@ajkohn- Crawl Optimisation, Internet Marketing & SEO

@dohertyjf- Business Leadership, Internet Marketing & SEO

@theamitsinghal- All-things Google

@RonellSmith– Content Strategy

@KaneJamison- Content Strategy

@matthewbarby- Content Strategy, Social Media & Blogging

@Hallstigerts- Marketing Nous & Social Media

@JulieJoyce– Link Acquisition

@Marie_Haynes– Link Penalties & Recovery

@ShahMenz– Link Penalties & Recovery

@WilReynolds– Business Building & RCS ("Real Company Stuff")

These peeps all post super-useful tweets, so if you're not already following them do so, because they know their onions :)

UPDATE Search Engine Watch's Graham Charlton recently published this monster Twitter list of SEO's and key industry people to follow.

As my professional and personal journey continues within the industry, I'll continue to add more resources that I find useful over time. Watch this space!

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How to Run a World Class Agency by +Anastasia Sidko on +SEMrush's #SEOCafe .

Tips by +Bill Slawski, +David Jenyns (including audio), +Express Writers, +James Norquay, +Peter Mead, myself (including my "Pre-qualifying & winning SEO clients" presentation) & others

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Tomorrow, join +Dawn Anderson +Jan-Willem Bobbink +Rohan Ayyar +Tony Dimmock and I ( +Ammon Johns ) for this SEMrush roundtable discussion on the topic of ClickBait.

We'll be discussing whether the short-term traffic clickbait can gain you is worth the long-term trust it will cost you. We'll talk about journalistic integrity, publisher responsibility, and of course, the all-important customer.

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Join me, +Dawn Anderson​, +Ammon Johns​, +Jan-Willem Bobbink​ & +Rohan Ayyar​ for a special +SEMrush​ roundtable webinar on 5th May.

Topics to be covered: click-bait, publisher responsibilities, editorial vetting & the proliferation of misinformation.

We're all fed up with it, so what can publishers do about it? It's time for discussion..

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If you hadn't read about the original reasonable surfer, it may cause you to think differently about PageRank; which could be good for you. What features might be looked at in deciding how much PageRank a link might pass along?

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Lovely to see this resurface. Excellent recap by +Bruce Clay, Inc.​ of our chat (from 2014)
Making the SEO Services Agency–Client Relationship a Success

This in-depth article has advice for both the agency seeking clients and the business looking to hire a consultant who will be the right fit. Our senior technical writer +Paula Allen compiled this from a conversation with experienced marketers +Ammon Johns, +Tony Dimmock, +Bill Slawski, +Barrie Moran, and Carlos Fernandez of +ISOOSI Research Engine  — voices that continue to inspire and instruct. What you read here may save you and your business a lot of frustration and wasted money/time by helping you AVOID pairing up with the wrong client/consultant for your needs.

Businesses looking for the right SEO will learn:
   • 7 tips for choosing the right SEO services company
   • How to make the consulting relationship pay off

Agencies/Consultants will find out:
   • 7 tips for choosing the right clients (P.S.: It's OK to say no.)
   • How to make your client relationships successful

Read the full article:

#SEO   #SEOservices   #consulting

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What The Hell Is Content? 

This might sound like an odd question – we all know what content is, right? #SEO Consultant +Gianluca Fiorelli explains his theory that too many marketers focus on content formats rather than the message they are trying to portray and the consequences that can have on the success of content marketing campaigns.


+David Amerland: "Quality content is created the moment you translate the passion you feel for your  business and your desire to be the best into content that simply resonates with your audience, helps them achieve something with it, in their lives and addresses their questions and needs".

+Gina Fiedel: "Content has to be reliable, have the ability to be substantiated or at the least, supported by experience. And then, of course, there is the most obvious difference that a content producer must be sensitive to the needs and concerns of their readership and customers and apply everything to some kind of gain for them".

Omi Sido: "When it comes to blogging, the content that you create has two goals: one is to bring more traffic to your website and the second one is to inform or entertain your audience".

+Rand Fishkin: "It's got to create an emotional response. I want to feel awe. I want to feel surprise. I want to feel joy, anticipation, or admiration for that piece of content in order for it to be considered 10x".

+Teodora Petkova: "Readers don’t need yet another list that has been created for the sake of meeting a target of 6 content pieces per month. They need substance, and it is you and your story that are the substance".

+Eric Enge: "You need to find a way to create pieces of content that are clearly differentiated from the other content that’s available in your market space".

+Frank Gainsford: "Generating digital trust for your online content is not an easy task, as it is made up of a very large collection of many small tasks, some of which seem rather mundane and irrelevant AS TRUST SIGNALS.  These small things make up the bulk of the trust factors that search engines use when evaluating your online content". 
Watch the video here:

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