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I like Banthas ...

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No more gaming posts here, but check out the new page for chilm if you want to keep up with the new games ( #XCOM #EnemyWithin , #Terraria ) and the soon to return #Minecraft , both vanilla on the Fishcraft server, and #FTB on Break the Beast. Plus many other random titles I pick up along the way ...

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Break the Beast S2E10: Reset. Remorse. Rebuild. Result! 

The title say it all! Never a dull moment on Break the Beast ...

"The trouble with ModLand, is that it is full of Mods ..."

Taking advantage of this horrible situation we re-think and rebuild the LP sorting room, this time adding some processing to the network - it turned out much better than the original set up, but there is still so much to learn with dem pipes, dem pipes ...

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Break the Beast S2E9: Bees and pipes 

Bees man, frikkin' bees! We've bred up to Industrious and Imperial so are getting pollen and royal jelly, sweet! Thankfully, this has all done off camera so we concentrate on a better set up for the logistics pipes sorting stuff and a little basic honey automation ... ish.

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Break the Beast S2E7: It be illogistical, cap'n 

After the rude interruption thanks to the MC session / login servers last time we crack on where we left off and get our heads into more Logistics Pipe goodness! It goes ... mostly ok.

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Break the Beast S2E6: New home 

Apologies for the few extra days gap, there is kind of an explanation in the vid ...

Now that we have Kodo, getting around the world is a doddle! So, for one, we seem to have an Express Wyvern Delivery Service (read as: trying to help new peeps out on BtB), hehehe.

We finally get to play a little with Logistics Pipes ... I think we're going to have great fun with them!

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Break the Beast S2E5: WYVERNS!!! 

Sooo, this turned out to be my longest episode yet ... 

My road to Wyverns. Having spent what seems like a lifetime gathering the resources together to make the trip to the Wyvern dimension possible, the planets finally aligned in our favour and off we go ...

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Break the Beast S2E4: A touch of RedNet with a side oder of (more) horse 

Those horse mobs, those damned horse mobs ... Well, we're getting ever closer to the chosen form of flight! Really looking forward to scouting out a main base plot soon.

Realising that all the redstone stuff I used before was in RP2, and now we don't have access to that any more, I look at RedNet for a little to help with some basic wiring,

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Break the Beast S2E2: Horses = Wyvern! (eventually) 

Please like, subscribe and comment :)

Horses, horses, horses! Love 'em or hate 'em they'll eventually get you a Wyvern ... but this is a long, many stepped process and is going to take forever! But I wants it!

Also, the start of some technology in the shack!

How to breed horses by spadeMC gamr:
Minecraft- How To Breed Horse's! 1.5 Mo'creature's mod!

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Redstoning Days #7: The potion that nearly was ... 

I want to learn redstone. Simples, right? Nope, and this series will see me struggling with all of it ... If you have any suggestions for simple, starter projects, please let me know in the comments :)

A little play with droppers and dispenser (gotta love them spuds!) and then a much looonger play with redstone, a hopper timer, a better pulse shortner design, and potion brewing!

I think, by and far, the most complicated bit of stuff so far ... and yeah, I made it worse for myself with a slightly odd design choice.

Extra note (as I always forget to say in video): I am planning on making Redstoning Days a weekly thing, and am hoping in general to get each episode out between Sunday and Tuesday each week :)

Extra extra note: check out the "Break the Beast" server playing Feed the Beast Unleashed! Soooo much fun!
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